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4/1 joke from Google

Parking Lot

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4/1 joke from Google

Pretty funny, I almost fell for it until I read the testimonials

Gmail: Google's approach to email
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Re: 4/1 joke from Google

Virgle: The Adventure of Many Lifetimes

Here's another one they're doing on the search page...
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Re: 4/1 joke from Google

I prefer old fashion pranks. Earlier pulled out a guys keyboard and put a rubber snake
on it, then slid back. Sent him an email, so when pulled keyboard out to respond...the poor boy jumped and called me some awful names.

Of course couple of years ago replaced his keyboard with an old one (unpluged). Then
went in his office and spilled coffee in it. (His keyboard was brand new) So in an attempt to be nice wound up spraying it with carb cleaner, windex, and hosed it
down with a water hose. Just before he had a coronary...pulled real one out and told
him to try that one. LOL
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Re: 4/1 joke from Google

nice... this year I put a rubber band around the handle of the kitchen sink sprayer so my wife had to change shirts before she went to work... needless to say I got a pretty pissy phone call at 7am this morning...
I am the brute squad.
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Re: 4/1 joke from Google

Man, that feature would totally get me out of a jam I've been in for almost two years!

Me: Hi, I XYZ, how is it going? Long time no speak.
XYZ: Blah blah blah.
Me: Blah blah blah.
Me: BTW, did you get that email I sent you two years ago?
XYZ: No!
Me: You sure? Check your email!
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Thank You, Sean.
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Re: 4/1 joke from Google

Ha, I fell for this too.....I thought that was for real when I was on my gmail account today...lol thats funny.
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