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The 20 Worst Foods

Parking Lot

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Old 04-14-2008, 06:51 PM   #16
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

I am doing pretty good, I ate the worst!
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

School food
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Old 04-14-2008, 07:40 PM   #18
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

i think the only one I'v had is the chipotle chicken burrito. Usually that's a two meal ordeal, though. You have to be a glutton for punishment to try to tackle one of their burritos in one sitting
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

I have never touched any of these. Thank God, I would hate to think what I would look like if I had.
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Old 04-14-2008, 11:15 PM   #20
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
No parents that let their kids eat them all the time is just criminal.
A child shouldn't exceed that kinda calorie count for an entire day. McDonald's might have every right to sell what they want but that doesn't make it morally right to sell that kinda stuff to kids. Also, if you give McDonald's that kind of freedom why not the tobacco and alcohol companies?

p.s. I understand parental responsibility I'm just saying.
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

The only one I've had on that list is PF Chang's pork lo mein.....and that shit is really good, IMO.

I always wanted to try the McD's chicken strips, but never did and probably never will now.
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Re: The 20 Worst Foods

Oh my god 5300mg of sodium in the On The Border nachos?? Wow. That's friggin disgusting.

Restaurant food tastes so good for a reason. It's so damn bad for you.
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