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Let's Go Rangers!!!

Parking Lot

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Old 04-17-2008, 12:47 AM   #1
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Let's Go Rangers!!!

Anybody here watch hockey? Rangers just had a huuuuuge game 3 win over the Devils.

Keeps my mind off the slow Redskins off season.

Let's Go Rangers!!!
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Re: Let's Go Rangers!!!

good game, and thanks. im a flyers fan. it seems like they cant beat Jersey, but them and the Rangers play it pretty close
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Re: Let's Go Rangers!!!

Go Ducks!!! There going to tie up the series tonight! I went to the game on Sat which we lost.
Before the game we went to this bar across the St.when all of a sudden we passed this guy in a blue suit. He looked familiar but it took a few seconds for my brain to kick in. It was Sebastien Giguere !!! He was just walking to the arena mixed in with the few fans that were there 3hr's before the game. I wish I had asked him to take a pic but I didn't. We just said good luck and he smiled and waved. It was cool to see a pro athlete of his caliber leaving the H2 at home and walking to the game.
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Old 04-17-2008, 10:04 PM   #4
Thank You, Sean.
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Re: Let's Go Rangers!!!

Big Rangers fan....last nights game was stressful...this is supposed to be my offseason. Gomez has been absolutley lights out this series, and really has been the difference in the season if you ask me. We gotta close the series out tommarow night because wit will be a hellava test coming with either Montreal or Pittsburgh.
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