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Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

Parking Lot

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Old 06-18-2008, 08:19 AM   #16
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Re: Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

Originally Posted by 70Chip View Post
Chuck Todd is the closest thing intellectually, but I'm not sure he has that gravitas. Russert was able to stand tough because of his experience with Daniel Patrick Moynihan, IMO. After dealing with him, no one else scared him. I'm not sure that Chuck has that quality. Regardless of who they hire, the show is going to go through a transitional phase. Twenty years ago the Brinkley Show was the industry standard and after he passed they have sort of been struggling. It may be time for Geoerge Stephanopolous to step up and establish himsel as the "Sunday Morning Guy".
I think Steph does a decent job and in time if continues along he may grow into being our next Russert but for the time being he is stuck still being a "Clinton" guy in a lot of people's mind. That'll pass with time and he'll be seen as more independent.
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Re: Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

Originally Posted by FRPLG View Post
I put Matthews in the same boat as Gregory and O'Reilly. In fact I have read he is as much of a jerk as Gregory and O'Reilly are. The job should go to some who knows politics and can stand above the fray of it all as much as possible. I don't see a lot of possible replacements who strike me as able to do that.
You're probably right, and I think that speaks to how great Russert was at what he did.
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Old 06-18-2008, 09:23 AM   #18
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Re: Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

Originally Posted by 70Chip View Post
I wanted to start this discussion but wasn't sure when it would be appropriate to do so. I like Chuck Todd. He seems non partisan and his knowledge and enthusiasm would make him work as hard as Russert did to maintain the integrity of the show. If you watch MSNBC, he has gottten a lot of air time over the last 6 months. Definitely a rising star. However, I suspect NBC will take a more cautious approach and give the show to a placeholder like Brokaw or Andrea MItchell or rotate hosts as someone else suggested until a permanent host is found. Gwen Ifill is also a strong possibility, I suspect. I hear Chris Matthews is angling for the gig but the over the top approach that has made Hardball the flagship of the cable network is not considered appropriate for Meet The Press, which is a television news standard and requires a certain dignity. Maybe if Matthews got a guest shot or two and behaved himself he might have a chance.
I think you nailed it when you said 'dignity'. Meet The Press commands and deserves that type of respect. There's a certain decorum the moderator must display.

I would say Tom Brokaw would be the safe choice, but I really, really like Gwen Ifill. Though I don't think she'll get it. She certainly has a lot of similarities and intangibles that Tim Russert posessed.
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Old 06-22-2008, 12:04 PM   #19
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Re: Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

It will be Brokaw through this year's election:

Brokaw to lead 'Meet the Press' - Mike Allen - Politico.com
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Old 06-22-2008, 12:49 PM   #20
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Re: Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

I think that was the hands down best move and a easy transition for the network, smart move IMO.
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Re: Who Will Replace Tim Russert?

he's not readily replaceable. hard type to find. best of luck to nbc in the search though.
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