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Any Golf Players?

Parking Lot

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Camp Scrub
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Re: Any Golf Players?

19 Handicap, Had gotten it down to 12 back in 07, but two tours to the Sandbox really effected my game.
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Naega jeil jal naga
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Re: Any Golf Players?

I like to knock the crap out of the ball at the driving range but it's always deflating when you look to your right and see some out of shape 40 year old hitting the ball farther then you. Especially when you spend more time in the weight room in a week then they spend in a year.

Closest I've ever come to playing real golf was on a course that I would call extreme mini-golf. It was basically a bunch of par 2 and 3 holes. The only good part about that was being able to drive the golf carts before I got my drivers license.
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Re: Any Golf Players?

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
My clubs were given to me as a gift, so I didn't pay anything for that.
Perhaps I was a bit....harsh. You will naturally needs the basics, but a pro will know far better than yourself (an be helpful to you) what you really need. AND you need to find a pro that will not try to sell you the farm. Ask around and don't be afraid to ask questions.......
An effective swing analyst and the resulting equipment purchases (plus some range time will have you playing "how you want".
Golfsmith and many places just like them have built their empires on the bank accounts of people that should have purchased lessons rather than the latest vogue in...........putters
Goodbye Sean..........Vaya Con Dios
thankyou Joe.......
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Re: Any Golf Players?

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Did I read that right and they are calling for double over head on Sunday? Wow, thats some nice waves and to think my board is down at my parents cottage and I'm not able to get my hands on it this weekend. Do you surf BDBohnzie? I do but not near as much as I use to and I would not go out in anything that big now. Back when I was in my 20's we lived for this stuff. I jsut got off the phone with my buddy who lives two house of the ocean in Va. Beach and the waves are starting to build.
Never surfed, but did a lot of sponging (bodyboard) as a kid, and just got back into it a few years ago. I'm a water rat, so anytime in the water is a good time.

Daseal - get a set of used clubs and get a lesson. if you're an athlete, you will pick it up in no time and spend the rest of your life trying to get better. If you aren't much of an athlete, get more lessons.
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Re: Any Golf Players?

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
I play with a guy who does not have a pretty drive and his second shot is often OK but just off the green but the dude is $ with short chips and putting. I never played with anyone who could read the greens like he can (thats with little effort) and then slap the putt in. When we play with someone new when they hear his score at the end of the round they all get that ? look like he could not have shot that low. What they don't remember is all those up and downs he gets and they only remember his ugly drive and second shots.
i hate those type of players!!!!! you ever notice those dudes are always like 70 years old?? lol.
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Re: Any Golf Players?

Played at Fossil Trace in Golden, CO yesterday -- it was impressive. The greens and the bunkers were ridiculous, so I played terrible, but the scenery was nice:

Fossil Trace Photo Gallery
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