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Water Polo

Parking Lot

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Water Polo

Never realized how it was played until I watched the US team beat the Italians the other day. I kept looking for the horses in the pool...lol! Seriously, with the exception of the ref blowing the whistle every second, the game was actually quite exciting to watch.
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Re: Water Polo

im a team hand ball guy myself. that game looks like alot of fun to play
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Re: Water Polo

I am suprised that they play in deep water and have to stay afloat the whole time. I also find it amazing how they elevate their bodies (while in the water) to take a shot or block one. I would never be able to tread that long or jump for that matter.
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Re: Water Polo

Originally Posted by dmek25 View Post
im a team hand ball guy myself. that game looks like alot of fun to play
I hear ya. It's kinda like a mix between lacrosse and indoor soccer...looks like a blast.

But definitely props to those who play Water Polo. You have to have crazy stamina and endurance to play...
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