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obama is taking my $

Parking Lot

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Re: obama is taking my $

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
(1) What was God thinking when he made mosquitoes?

God did not make mosquitoes. Mosquitoes evolved an effective method for survival through millions of years evolutionary process.

(2) If God is a woman, is she a Redhead, Blonde, or a Brunette?

Aesthetic judgment of god is free, complete and perfect within itself. Supposing that god exists and was a woman she would be a redhead, blonde, and a brunette.

(3) What would chairs look like if people's knees were on the back of their legs?

Mankind would have gone extinct long ago and they would not have been around to invent chairs. No creature could survive a genetic defect of that magnitude for long.

(4) How can I bend space so that I can get to Jupiter from Earth in 2.5 seconds. E-mail the answer to NASA. They want to know this one too.

Theoretically speaking the only means of archiving speeds greater than light (d / v = t; (483,780,000dJ - 93,000,000dE) / 186,282 m/s ~ 2097 sec) is to use a wormhole. Practically speaking we don't know how to open a wormhole and if we were able to and go through it you would simply end up on the other side in trillions of pieces.

(5) Is it possible to do a Jedi mind trick in real life?

You can with persuasive arguments. Unfortunately persuasiveness is a lost art, many attempt it and nearly all fail, and many can not distinguish various methods of persuasion. Often persuasiveness is confused with stimulating.

(6) What kind of Barbecue sauce does Jesus prefer, Teriyaki or Honey-Mustard?

From a historical point of view Jesus had access to the mustard plant and honey where as the soy plant, primary ingredient of teriyaki, mainly grew in the far east and confined to that region until 15/16 century AD. Statistically speaking it would be safe to assume he preferred honey mustard because that was the only option of the two available to him.

(7) Is break dancing really dancing or acrobatics?

There are no rules against it being both that I am aware of. You can be both good and bad (Benevolent Dictator), a wave and a particle (light), godless and righteous (Jean Meslier), right and wrong (conservatism :p), so on and so on. Anything and everything is possible, some possibilities are more desirable than others and some possibilities are statistically impossible. To answer your question, it can be both dancing and acrobatics.
I must say, nice retorts. I'm going to run with the bending space thing.
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