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Resident Evil 5 Demo

Parking Lot

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Re: Resident Evil 5 Demo

Originally Posted by mredskins View Post
Later models don't have the problems Matty and I are expereince. I was one of the first to get an Xbox in 2005 (?). I think there is just a revolving door with the early models that is why they fix them for free. Mine breaks they fix it, Matty's breaks they send him my repaired broken one, you get a diffrent xbox each time they don't give you back your exact one, so the cycle just keeps going round and round. UPS probably made some awesome money off this "ring of death".
Yes & no. I used to work for UPS. They lost more money then they made due to theft & damages. I worked with a guy who was caught stealing over a dozen of the first shipments of the PS3 & I had heard similar stories about the XBOX360. Not the same guy, although it wouldn't surprise me. What wasn't stolen was damaged in transit a lot of the time.
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Re: Resident Evil 5 Demo

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
Mine is a later model though. My first one broke and I went out and bought a new one 15 months ago. I had the first one repaired and when I got it back I sold it to a friend. I have a couple other friends who have newer models who have had the red ring of death too.

Ok where is the Bill Gates thread sucks? =)
When life gives you paper jams, turn them into paper footballs!
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Re: Resident Evil 5 Demo

I just checked out the demo for the new Fear on PS3... I can honestly say, developers may have finally caught up with the system's technology. Insane resolution and graphics- really good physics too.
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