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F... Layoffs.

Parking Lot

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Re: F... Layoffs.

Things are really bad, here to it all getting better.

A Town In Crisis Video - CBSNews.com
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Re: F... Layoffs.

i feel you E.E. my work(Alcoa) just laid off 13000 worldwide, and around 125 here where i work. while they haven't got to me yet, i wonder every day if im next. i look thru the want ads, the page or two that there is, there is hardly anything in them. and the jobs that are offered, are $10../ hour. i often wonder how the kids of today are going to be able to make it. stay strong, and keep on plugging
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Re: F... Layoffs.

A lot of people are being asked to redefine themselves in these times. I consider myself exceptionally lucky that I get to define myself for the first time as these times happen. If this happens three years later, it might have been too late for me to get on a more sustainable track in the job market.

Things in Michigan really, really suck right now, but I'm lucky to not be rooted to this place. I'd like to stay, and plan on jumping into the next promising industry that hits this place, which doesn't figure to be the Lions.

Hopefully, I can just be GM of the Redskins. That position has plenty of job security, I hear.
according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
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Re: F... Layoffs.

It is better to lay people off on a Friday. Studies show there is less chance of an incident if you do it before a weekend.

Anyway sorry to hear that you got laid off. My Dad recently got laid off and though he'll get back on his feet it was a hell of a gut check to see a guy like my Dad get let go.
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