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Life After People (History Channel)

Parking Lot

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Re: Life After People (History Channel)

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
In my point of view I find both 70Chip and CRedskins apathetic, in yours they are not. That's perfectly fine though I suspect you find your definition of what apathy is palatable.

I don't see how anyone engaged in this conversation can be apathetic. The fact that you, 70Chip, JoeRedskin, and I have continued this discussion argues to the contrary.

apathy - A symptom of several mental illnesses, apathy is a lack of emotion or interest in things one would ordinarily consider important.
Glossary of Terms Relating to Bipolar Disorder
Neither 70Chip nor I said the end of the world was not a thing of interest (70Chips indifferent comment, again in the context of it being "scary", not to the concept in total), just that we don't let it scare us, or find it scary. I don't find spiders scary, but I do take an interest in them (particularly ).

An apathetic person, to such a state as you are referring to, would, as JoeRedskin said, just say "eh whatever" to this conversation, if they were to have been somehow engaged in it to begin with.

Originally Posted by 70Chip
Don't you people ever do any work at your jobs. I'll check this space on a Saturday and zilcho. But on a Thursday its like a graduate seminar in philosophy, metaphysics, and religion.
This is far more interesting, than the aggravations/headaches of my work!
Dirtbag59, sending songs to oblivion 1 writer at a time.

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Re: Life After People (History Channel)

Originally Posted by Trample the Elderly View Post
Didn't Jimmy Carter see a UFO?

The trailer trash rule has not been broken by this example.
This Monkey's Gone to Heaven
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Re: Life After People (History Channel)

Everyone knows Jimmy is a Country Boy.

Can you spot the douchebag?
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