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Healthcare Education and Q&A Thread

Parking Lot

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Smile Re: Healthcare Education and Q&A Thread

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
Why? We already have government hospitals for vets, why not for citizens? I haven't gone over the cliff though I'm sure there are plenty of folks here who would be more than happy to push me over and watch me fall with glee.
Nobody wants to push you off a cliff , you are to entertaining ,,,, oh and too smart . Some might enjoy a " boxing match " between you and Joe , but not falling off a cliff .
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Re: Healthcare Education and Q&A Thread

Originally Posted by Slingin Sammy 33 View Post

The stark reality is, there are folks who don't have health insurance coverage. Their reasons are mostly financial. Most families spend/sacrifice a great deal to make sure they have coverage. There are programs to help the very poor (Medicaid). Those that don't/won't make the sacrifice to take care of their families or themselves should not burden the 95% of the U.S. who are doing what is needed to have health insurance. The Obama Care program solves nothing, but is simply a power grab, period.

This is wrong.
I see you are trying to make a point but don't throw stats out there which are just false.

The 06 census showed an uninsured percentage of 15.8 percent, a 4.9 percent increase since 02.

It is safe to assume these numbers have gone up significantly as well since then, as the unemployment has as well. That is quite bit of the American population. This post is simply to show information and point out misinformation.
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Re: Healthcare Education and Q&A Thread


I agree with your statement about attacking the cost of the delivery of care. My question is does that include a stronger regulation of the pharmaceutical industry and its relationship with doctors? What about the relationship between insurance companies and doctors?
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Re: Healthcare Education and Q&A Thread

i like to see the numbers of company insured/ versus privately insured? anyone?
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