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Selfishness and Human Nature

Parking Lot

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Re: Selfishness and Human Nature

Originally Posted by over the mountain View Post
atleast the man is cognizant of the people and struggles around him and if being selfish motivates FD to try and help others than more power to him. id rather have 1 guy doing the right thing for the "wrong" reasons than a bunch of "unselfish" people talking about doing the right thing every sunday . . .
I dont disagree. I think the term selfish isn't correct as Joe has pointed out. Self-interested fits better and it isn't a bad thing to be self-interested. At least not in my opinion.
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Re: Selfishness and Human Nature

Originally Posted by Mattyk72 View Post
It's a shame that you seem to have such a jaded view, FD. Sure there are people that abuse the system but there are also plenty of perfectly legit people out there in need of help. You shouldn't let a few bad apples ruin the bunch.
Don't know why, but your post made me think of the following:

At work, our cleaning and "security" crew are largely made up of folks with what I would imagine are best described as "learning disabilities." They clearly are impaired. YET- They come to work every day, are cheerful and generally bust their ass all of the time. I have more respect for each of them compared to many of my other coworkers, because they were clearly dealt a tough hand, and they're doing the best they can with it. When they need help with anything, (a ride somewhere, assistance with what they are doing, etc) I always make sure to lend a hand. I do not do the same for others that are not "challenged." That said, I understand firstdown's frustration when you see able bodied, able minded people who are in "a tough spot" not so much because of circumstances out of their control, but truly because of poor decision making and lack of proper prioritization. I'm not Jesus, hell Jesus wasn't even "Jesus." I'll help anyone that asks for it, but I'm not seeking out charity cases. That makes me selfish, and self-righteous. Also a bit of an ass. I'm ok with that.

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Re: Selfishness and Human Nature

This looks like a great thread!!!

Can someone call me and read it to me?
I would be great if you could do different voices for each post. Maybe you can use duplicate nelsons voice from the simpsons for Mredskins...
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Re: Selfishness and Human Nature

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Joe and while your buying the book for $19.99 on how to be non-selfish you can also buy a ticket to see him speak for another $399.00 or maybe one of his Enjoy Space thing $49.99. Now don't be selfish and rember to vist with your credit card in hand.
It's not a book about, "how to be non-selfish." But hey, you've already made up your mind about the guy and his book, and you probably don't know a thing about it. Typical.

Joe, if you want to read it, I'll send you my copy. Free!

And first, I thought you were the one who said making money isn't selfish?
To succeed in the world it is not enough to be stupid, you must also be well-mannered.
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