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Four Day Work Week?

Parking Lot

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Four Day Work Week?

Its called T.G.I.T program. Utah started it last year and it seems to be working out VERY WELL for all people there. Check it out:

T.G.I.Thursday | GOOD

A year ago, Republican Governor Jon Hunstman announced the Working 4 Utah initiative, essentially putting 17,000 of the state’s 24,000 executive branch employees on a 10 hour a day, four day a week schedule. The goal for the cash-strapped state was energy savings. Now that a full year has passed (we checked in on the program back in April), a clearer picture of the benefits is coming into focus.
Personally, I love this idea! Can you imagine it? You get long weekends EVERY weekend! And the commute....................With a 10 hour day everyone will be commuting at different times. No more of this 7:00am-9:00am HEADACHE that we all suffer now!

Ohh and think about it. When you do get a long weekend. IT WILL BE A LONG WEEKEND! Can you imagine it? A four day weekend? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! You know, this Republican Governor needs to run for President! I would vote for him!
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Re: Four Day Work Week?

I would love to be able to work some sort of compressed work week. In this day and age it's surprising that so many companies aren't on board with this.
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Re: Four Day Work Week?

that's funny you brought this up. i just got switched to a 4 day, 12 hour schedule. so i always have a 3 day weekend. yea for me
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Re: Four Day Work Week?

We have these options here. 9-5 5 days a week, 9/80 basically ever other friday off or a 8/80 every friday off. I just work the 9-5 because I don't want to be here 10 hours a day and everyone else in my family or friends work 9-5, I really don't have anything do on my Fridays off.
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