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NFL Network Red Zone

Parking Lot

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Re: NFL Network Red Zone

Originally Posted by Miller101 View Post
ohhhh.........................uhhhhh.............. .........I don't remember him doing that when I watched him a couple years ago. I could have sworn they just took you to a game and said, "Here" or "Its the chiefs and Panthers playing" Or something like that. I mean, it was just boring to listen too and the channel was just kind of boring to watch. Thats on Direct TV anyway. The NFL Network one was much more exciting; at least for me it was. Yeah, they offer the "same thing", but the NFL Network Red Zone is BETTER then the Direct TV one. I mean, when a timeout is called they'll switch you to another game and then switch you back when that other game resumes. And the commentator keeps filling you in as all this is going on..................Just picture this, A team is driving and they get the ball in the red zone. Its exciting! They're about to score! Then.........TIMEOUT! We got to talk about this for a minute. You won't sit there and wait for a minute. They'll flip you to another game and then fill you in with the details. Like, "This is Staffords first two minute drill lets see how he does." And then the drive ends or the timeout is over and he'll flip you back to the previous game.

Its very fast paced and very exciting. I just didn't get that with Direct TV's version. And thats why I said they were different, but I should have used the word 'better', because the NFL Network one is better than Direct TV's.
Perhaps it's changed since you last saw it. Everything you're describing happens on the DTV one.

I can't say which one is better and frankly I don't care, but this guy sides with DTV

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Re: NFL Network Red Zone

Who here is watching Red Zone on Comcast? I have comcast and I can only get it in low-def on channel 734 or some shit. Where is the high def channel I looked all over for it.

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Re: NFL Network Red Zone

Here in Frederick, it's 26-something, along with a 2nd NFLN HD channel. Naturally the powers that be at Comcast have not updated their channel listing yet on their website and all the other TV Listings sites have Frederick's old channel listing.

EDIT: Thanks to Zap2It who is up to speed on the channel listings, NFL RedZone HD is on 263.
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