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Parking Lot

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Re: F...TVs

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
What sucks is that the people who lost the most are the ones who get little to nothing while everyone else involved makes out.

I agree but it is what it is.
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Re: F...TVs

I could have warned you against buying a Phillips *anything* if you had asked me.

edit; whoa, old thread!
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Re: F...TVs

Thread Bump!!!!

I am looking at buying a flat panel TV I have narrowed it down to a 51" Plasma Samsung right now that I really like... Looking for any feed back from board members on this issue, I read that for the most part Samsung is quality but then I read a few reports where people have trouble but the good reports way out way the bad reports.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

Oh, and I am not worried about the sound the TV produces, last year for my birthday my wife surprised me with a Bose home theater sound system, now I am just looking for that perfect TV...
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Re: F...TVs

Originally Posted by GMScud View Post
Are you in the DC area? If you are, I know a great repair guy who fixed one of my HD's, and he's very reasonable. $60 to diagnose the problem, and if he can fix it for you, he'll deduct that $60 from the total bill. He got one of my TVs -a 32 inch Sanyo HD- back up and running in a few days.
Obviously this post is very old but that is exactly how these repair companies should do business. I have to imagine Geek Squad looses a lot of money on the diagnosis alone.
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