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Golf Help!

Parking Lot

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Re: Golf Help!

Originally Posted by Angry View Post
I think that I am going to finally break down and do that. I have seen drastic improvment over the years but this year it seems as if I have hit a wall.
If you don't take any leason that wall will never come down. It migh move some but you will always have issues with your game. Take five leasons over the next month and hit buckets of balls between each leason. You will go backwards before you go foward but don't get discouraged. After you get your swing down take a few leason every summer to check your swing. If you have any talent you will be better then 90% of the players that you play with in just a few years. Also have one leason out on the course.
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Re: Golf Help!

Originally Posted by Angry View Post
In general I agree with you however my problems ar stemming from poor 1st or second shots and poor putting. I am actually above average around the green.

If my first shot is good, then I usually tank the second or vice versa. I flat out have to take too many penalties. Stringing two shots together is my nemises. I average 1 additional shot per hole trying to recover or having to drop from a bad shot.

I also have difficulty hitting long irons and woods off of the fairway. I will lay up in many situations when I should be able to get on with a wood or long iron.
Got ya. Then yeah, lessons and the driving range. Wash rinse repeat!
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Re: Golf Help!

Good advice in here Daseal. Schneed is pretty much spot on. Head down always, and 80% of the game is chipping/putting. Good luck.

One more thing I'll add is that golf is one of the few sports where the equipment will affect your play significantly. Don't get a cheap set of clubs just because you're new -- they will be a detriment to your progress.
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