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Arguing pilots fly 150 miles past runway

Parking Lot

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Re: Arguing pilots fly 150 miles past runway

They ARE glorified bus drivers. PLEASE...no sleeping on the job
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Re: Arguing pilots fly 150 miles past runway

Originally Posted by Angry View Post
It is not more dangerous, don't you read those statistics where it is safer to fly than drive? I understand that in a car crash you could die, while in a plane crash you probably will die.
Perhaps I should have said that the consequences are greater. The difference is that not paying attention and missing an exit causes no one harm. This type of inattention arguably is harmless in general. Losing track of what you are doing while flying an airplane, while similar in type and consequence in this case, is simply a much worse indicator for the abilities of the pilot. When flying a plane with hundreds of people on board if you can't pay attention enough to know when to land the plane then I am pretty damned worried about you being a pilot. That's a rather large thing to miss. We're not talking about taxiing to the wrong gate here. They forgot to land the plane.
No they don't, not for a long time anyway.
WikiAnswers - How much money does an airline pilot earn
That's not peanuts.
Regardless, you are expecting somebody to be as diligent at doing something their 451st time as they were on ther 1st. It just doesn't work that way. Human nature doesn't work that way. You can preach on and on about money, severity, danger, ect. until you are blue in the face. That does not change the fact that you are human, will get complacent, and eventually will make a mistake.
Look I buy your rationale about human nature. But in this type of case it doesn't apply. If it did we'd hear about this happening more often. I haven't heard of it before. That leads me to believe that most pilots don't EVER have a problem remembering to land the plane at the appropriate time.
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Re: Arguing pilots fly 150 miles past runway

Fair enough.

I would venture to say, though I do not know for sure, that instances like this probably do happen more often than we hear about (for shorter distances). Its possible that the only reason that we had heard about this one was due to the distance that they flew off course.

Did you read the entire link on pilot salaries? If were a pilot right now at my age and experience in my current field I would only be making about 1/3 of what I make right now. I wouldn't be able to catch up to a competative salary until my 40's or 50's. In your defense though you are right, most major Airline pilots are the more experienced guys. I wonder how much of a cut the pilots are having to take due to the poor industry right now though.
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Re: Arguing pilots fly 150 miles past runway

This isn't a big deal, I'm pretty sure every weather related delay isn't weather related. Shit happens.

Pilots use to make 200K+ back in the day (before 1999) but then industry got saturate with too many pilots, and then the recession and 911 happened. Pilot salaries haven't recovered since.
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