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Tell Us About Your Screen Name.

Parking Lot

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Old 04-28-2010, 10:08 PM   #46
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Re: Tell Us About Your Screen Name.

At first i wanted Wardrum since our symbol represents a wardrum with the feather attached to the ring of the drum and the white part is the drum itself, since it was taken i just dropped the drum and added paint.
"Not only do you get a 1st down, but you get a whole new set of downs" John Madden
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Re: Tell Us About Your Screen Name.

My last name is SeeWALD and I like Potato SKINS
"I would change that around, Jesus isn't Cutler. I guarantee you Jesus couldnt thread the ball like Jay does."-Monksdown
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Re: Tell Us About Your Screen Name.

not much to say about it.. just a play on trifle (something not to be taken seriously, since I joke around a lot)

I actually got it from flipping through a dictionary and my finger landed on it.. seeming appropriate I thought that I'd give it another go, landed in some international section of it.. on a word that meant trifle.. figured that it was meant to be
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Special Teams
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Re: Tell Us About Your Screen Name.

Originally Posted by mredskins View Post
Pretty innovative, welcome aboard!

thanks and thanks!!
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Camp Scrub
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Re: Tell Us About Your Screen Name.

Whiskey because my name is Jamison and bilt is like Peterbilt, because I can be about abrasive and straight forward as a large truck.
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