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honeymoon spots

Parking Lot

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Re: honeymoon spots

Key West or Vegas. If you want TONS to do and like to have the best food/drink/nightlife you've ever enjoyed, you can't go wrong with either of those places.

You can drink on the streets in both, stay up until 4AM in both. The only difference is Key West is WAY more laid back. You can walk home at 2-4AM and have people offering you random pizza. Wife and I got married in Key West, but have been to Vegas multiple times and it's also a can't-miss.

Have heard New Orleans is outstanding, but haven't been there yet.
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Re: honeymoon spots

Originally Posted by WaldSkins View Post
Getting married in two weeks and we are honeymooning in Jamaica. Anyone have any advice or cool things to do?

Just kidding. I hear the beaches are really amazing though. Most of the people I know that have been usually stayed at a resort.
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Re: honeymoon spots

Originally Posted by BringBackJoeT View Post
For our honeymoon, my wife and I went to Peru and did a four-day hike to the Machu Picchu ruins, then spent several days traveling to other spots. Second half of the trip was indeed great, but the hike was unforgettable. For the honeymoon, go international, I say.
Hiked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu? It was Great....?
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Re: honeymoon spots

Been to three Hawaiian islands...all great. Maui was my least favorite...it was just typical tropical touristy type. Plenty to do but not beautiful beyond belief. Kauai is redonkulous if you like the lost in paradise type deal. It is literally where they filmed Lost too. Not nearly as much touristy stuff but the resorts are very nice and the island is almost fictional in terms of how beautiful it is. Oahu is fantastic. It isn't nearly the tropical type place like the others...in fact it really is like a giant city but there is so much great stuff to do. Waikiki is the main spot where many resorts are located and is great fun. I'd live in Oahu if it seemed a little more practical.
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Re: honeymoon spots

Are you set on doing a beach type vacation? I was in Prague last year, and I recommend that to anyone and everyone. So much culture and such a beautiful place. Lots of fun things to do there too
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