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how can we help each other? The Warpath Community Center

Parking Lot

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Re: how can we help each other? The Warpath Community Center

OTM- sent you his info. He's got a lot of time in the industry. When my wife and I buy a home (hopefully early 2011), he will definitely be originating our loan. He can do FHA or convetional. I just exchanged texts with him and let him know you may be contacting him. Good luck! Feel free to PM me anytime.
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Re: how can we help each other? The Warpath Community Center

Originally Posted by [B
over the mountain;709585]Yeah i heard this from a few people. thanks for the link. im going to read up on them tonight. [/B]

GM - yes please PM me his contact info. right now my goal for the next month is to secure the best possible loan i can get. so please when you get a chance PM me his contact info and I will call him.

ghetto dog - thanks for all that info. it helps me know what i am getting into. with my mortgage rates offers so far, no one has been willing to count the 15-20k i make on the side as an hourly contract employee. so ive been getting loans based off 40k a year. so maybe that will actually help with qualifying for a FHA loan.

thanks everyone. i am going to follow the leads you all gave me and probably come back with more questions. i feel like i should sit down with a real estate agent. so far ive just met with mortgage lenders and am not getting any questions, just providing them with info then getting emailed a crappy offer a week later.

Here is my guys email.


Pat Gannon is his name really understands the B-more market. Great guy.
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Re: how can we help each other? The Warpath Community Center

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