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Roger Ebert Gets His "Voice" Back

Parking Lot

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Uncle Phil
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Roger Ebert Gets His "Voice" Back

Roger Ebert Debuts New, Familiar Voice on 'Oprah' | PopEater.com
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Re: Roger Ebert Gets His "Voice" Back

Sad to see what's happened to him
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Re: Roger Ebert Gets His "Voice" Back

there was an article in Esquire a few weeks back regarding him and how he's gotten to this point, how he's coping, etc. Definitely worth the time look up and read.
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Re: Roger Ebert Gets His "Voice" Back

actually saw this oprah episode yesterday (gotten off early after workin 32 hours the past 48) and watched. he seemed real happy. sometimes i guess near death can make you truly appreciate every day, every blade of grass, every breeze that passes by.
RJJ Apr. 10, 2014 at 4:40pm
BOB, Where have you been hiding? Good to you around again.
BobOathKeeper Apr. 10, 2014 at 4:42pm
I had to take a break and stomp some liberals into mud-holes, just keeping in shape for what’s coming brother, RJJ. :)
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