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Memorial day plans?

Parking Lot

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Re: Memorial day plans?

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Our club had opening day at the pool yesterday and we came home from the beach to go to opening day and their cookout. Well after the dads had a few too many we had a diving contest of "Can You Do This". Thats when someone tries a flip or something and everyone else has to give it a try. Well that just lead to a bunch of belly flops and back busters. The funny thing was it started with 4 of us and before you knew it about 12 of us where trying to do flips and dives as everyone else sat around and laughing at us.

LOL. That's too funny. Sounds like a great time.

God bless all of our servicemen and women around the world who afford all of us the opportunity to enjoy things like pool parties and BBQ's. And a special thanks to their families as well. Your sacrifices are amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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Re: Memorial day plans?

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Not sure about corolla but on Sat. & Sunday the waves around the 8 mile post were around chest high and very clean. The water was cold as hell but I could stay out for about an hour. My 3 yr. old last year was scared of the ocean but this weekend we had to drag her out of the water.
I was in Corolla for a week last June and for the first few days the waves were pretty massive because there was a storm off the coast. I don't surf so I don't know if they were ride-able or whatever but they made swimming less than fun. but by the end of the week they were decent.

I'm headed back down to the Outer Banks in about 3 weeks and I can't wait!!! Just like last year I'm going down with about 15 friends to stay at one of the big rentals. We'll be in Nags Head (I think) and the house looks awesome. I doubt we'll hit up too many bars or anything which is fine by me since the house has a kegerator and we'll have plenty of booze. Plus, I'll have a week out of the office, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
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Re: Memorial day plans?

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
So how was your trip to OBX and did you ever find any waves?
trip was awesome i was torn up(in a good way) the entire week. and i definitley found some waves. i was in whale head and there was a really nice sand bar that me and my buddy found, they weren't huge by any means but with a 10 foot board it was pretty nice.

the house we stayed in was pretty nice, it had a sick ass theater room i wish it would have been football season cause a 100"+ hd picture is awesome. we did have one problem with our septic tank though, and hoepfully next year will be free once all is said and done. best part of the whole trip was no traffic there or back
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Re: Memorial day plans?

I had a wedding to attend, it ruined my whole weekend
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