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F...Drunken Drivers

Parking Lot

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F...Drunken Drivers

Seriously I am so sick of this sh*t and they always get off with a slap on the hand!

This idiot girl will probably only be in jail for a few years for taking someones life!

Carroll county woman to serve five years in prison for drunk driving crash - baltimoresun.com

Interesting post from a article after the accident.

I was traveling home to Westminster from my parent's house in E.C. The bike crossed the median strip, then in front of me, in the near lane of W. 40, I almost hit it. I was slowing for the light and didn't see the accident occur so was wondering why a riderless bike was crossing W. bound 40. It remained upright with the stereo on even after it came to rest at the W. bound guardrail! I then looked to my left and was horrified when I saw the riders lying in the road. I dialed 911 then got out to assist. The driver of the car involved in the accident was only wearing a bikini when she got out of her vehicle. I feel sorry for her, she must feel terrible for causing so much pain. I work closely with college aged kids and was concerned about her psychological/emotional well being. I hope she doesn't have a significant history of dangerous driving, if so, I hope the people responsible for putting her back on the road pay dearly for their idiocy. CAUTION: IF AN AMATO FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER, DON'T READ FURTHER!
One of Mr. Amato's legs was caught in the engine compartment of the car. He appeared to have been drug 20 ft from the intersection. His suffering was intense and vocal. Mrs. was lying in the intersection. Her back was to me but I could tell that her condition was bad. I, and my preteen daughter who was with me at the time, are still traumatized by what we heard and saw. People who put dangerous drivers back on our streets should suffer like the Amatos' and their loved ones are.

Post Now - Fatal motorcycle accident in Howard Co.

My wife's friend has a sister that is on her 4th DUI, it blows my mind that she is still not locked up. How she keeps getting off blows my mind. They take her licenses but she has nothing left to lose so she doesn't care if she drives because she knows they don't do anything to her.
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Old 04-08-2011, 10:46 AM   #2
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Re: F...Drunken Drivers

Sorry about the thread title I have been drinking, I am joking. I was just fired up and spelled it wrong.
When life gives you paper jams, turn them into paper footballs!
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Re: F...Drunken Drivers

I'll drink to that.
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Re: F...Drunken Drivers

Lost a friend to one with ***SEVEN*** DUI/DWI convictions. He's gone, but I'm sure she's out of jail and still driving around. Makes me sick.
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