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What Were They Thinking?

Parking Lot

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Uncle Phil
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What Were They Thinking?


WBAL-TV 11 News reporter John Sheman said there is a policy at Westminster High School for what to do with the two students in wheelchairs in case of a fire. The policy said because their classrooms are on the second floor, teachers are to lead them to the second floor stairwell and leave them there and wait for the fire crews to come to their rescue while everyone else evacuates.
I'm sure the kids in the wheelchairs just love this policy
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Thank You, Sean.
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Thats rediculous.

Teacher: Oh crap guys, the schools on fire...Everyone go out down the left stairway and get at least 50 yards from the school.
(Everyone Evacuates)
Young person in wheelchair: Hey Teach, Wheres our ramps cause I cant go down the stairs?
Teacher: Naw, its cool. I'm supposed to just let you chill right here and hopefully the firemen will get here before the fire does.

Are you freaking kidding me? Thats insane.
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Camp Scrub
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That's just as crazy as what they did when my kids were in school, which was just a few years ago. They had drills on the school busses, in case of emergencies. They told all the kids they had to remain in their seats, even if the bus was on fire, until the hydraulic lift got out the wheelchair kids. This took about 10 minutes to get out just 2 kids. Then, and only then, could the rest of the kids exit. We parents asked why the students who could walk couldn't go out the front door AT THE SAME TIME that the wheelchair students were being evacuated out the rear, which is where they were anyway. The answer? It was MORE IMPORTANT to get out the handicapped students. I swear, that was their answer.
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