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Winter 2011-2012 Thread!

Parking Lot

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75 and sunny in FL today. Not to shabby.
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Re: Winter 2011-2012 Thread!

Originally Posted by mooby View Post
I'm not gonna sit here and pretend to give a shit about the weather patterns in Toronto for a game in a retractable roof stadium, so thanks for the memo.
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Re: Winter 2011-2012 Thread!

had that wedding in NYC yesterday. plan was to drive up there, spend a few hours at wedding then hop back in car and head home (dogs in cage at house, hotels were too expensive)

left baltimore around 10:30 am. about 30 mins into NJ the check engine light comes on and the engine would start shaking pretty violently when ever i accelerated. ive had fuel injection problems forever now. the other day i put this real good fuel injector cleaner in the tank. should have known better. if your FI tubes are real clogged, this stuff will break down the crude but then you can get pieces of the crude to build up like a dam and not get pushed through.

so we get off the NJ turnpike. i needed to put the car in park to see if it was bad enough that the car would conk out. it usually wont conk out when im driving and forcing some gas through but will when i come to a stop. i was afraid of coming to a stop at a tollbooth or in the city and having it conk out on the road.

car is doing well enough, we pull out of gas station only to have my windshield wiper not work. i mess with it for about 30 mins, get it going but decide to just head back home. for the next few hours i have to pull over on the side of the NJ turnpike and spend 20 mins or so every other mile trying to get the windshield wiper to work again b/c it kept getting stuck. fix windshield wiper, hop in car, drive a mile, wiper stop working, drive another mile with no visibility, pull over, 20 mins fixing wiper, hop back in car, repeat, repeat, repeat.

i really thought we might have to call AAA or 311 b/c the last time i stopped i couldnt get the wiper going at all. the prego lady already prone to freaking out is freaking out.

but then i notice the freezing rain had slowed, i figured if i can just drive up to the next exit we can wait at a gas station or something. so i drive about 10 miles through freezing rain with no wipers. i figure maybe i can buy some rain x and maybe we can push on home. thank goodness the next stop was a truck stop, they had rain x, i dry off the windshield, apply it.

we drive home through the sleet and rain with no windshield wipers but the rain x was doing a pretty good job. thank goodness. my hands, knees feet were freezing standing on the side of the NJ turnpike with tractor trailors flying by spraying me everytime they passed. spent probably an hour and half outside on the side of the road. tried tape, tried pushing the wipers with my umbrella as i was driving, tried everything. thank you rain x!
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