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Good eats

Parking Lot

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Re: Good eats

Originally Posted by mlmpetert View Post
Im not exactly sure what this thread is about anymore but id like to share a "recipe".

My girlfriend just got a slow cooker recently so we (she) has been making different things in it for the last few weeks. We (she) did babyback (pork, not whale) ribs yesterday and it was amazingly simple and good.

Cut ribs into 4ths or so
Rub salt, then pepper, then paprika, then favorite bbq sauce on them (im making that order up from logic, not sure what she actually did)
Put in crockpot and pour some more bbq sauce on them
Set on low and come back in 8 hours

They were extremely good. The only things I (she) will do different next time is put more bbq sauce on them while slow cooking and put them under the broiler for 5 mins before eating to get a little crisp thing going. They were some of the best wet ribs ive ever had, and were extremely simple to make.
Slow cookers are where it's at. My wife and I got one as a wedding present two summers ago, and we use it all the time. Recently we've made a couple of awesome batches of chili, and a few weeks ago she made a Ropa Vieja that was out of this world.

And FD, those tacos look absolutely delicious. That piece of fish pre-cooking looked immaculate. You probably could have had sashimi fish tacos with fish that fresh.
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Re: Good eats

We need a recipe thread. We use to have a BBQ thread.
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Re: Good eats

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
Its House Bayou Blackening Spice which I have a pic of the lable on the 2nd page of this thread. I've tried alot of different brands and this is the best I have found.
I do recall that and it makes the fish look quite delicious.

mredskins asked about the white sauce you used on the tacos itself, and I'm curious to it as well. You mentioned in the post that "AS for the taco sauce I did something like this one minus the dill." but never posted a link for the sauce. Inquiring minds want to know!

Recipe thread would be nice...if someone gets one started, I'll throw a few in.
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