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All-madden Sliders

Parking Lot

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Old 02-15-2005, 02:16 AM   #1
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All-madden Sliders

Please give me realistic madden sliders
I already search the website
but found the same from maddenauthority

vs the CPU
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Re: All-madden Sliders

Right now I play on All Pro with the sliders maxed out for the computer, and mine on default. The big difference between All Pro and All Madden is not the sliders, but the three assist features that they turn off. I forget what they each are but if you go to the options menu there are three things that help you that area always turned on, except on all madden. This DRAMATICALLY changes the game. It makes it so you better have a damn good qb if you are going to throw on the run. I think it also makes it so you have to control the players, they defense wont get any picks unless you select teh player and do it yourself. You better know whaty ou are doing and be good at actually controlling players on both sides of teh ball. I make every effort to always control the players when i play on allpro, but I dont complain if someone else gets a sack or pick. Youll get burnt a lot at first, but it makes you a lot better player when you learn how to do it. If you ever play someone on all pro or pro after learning all madden (on 2005) then they are in for an asswhooping like they have never had before.

I kill the computer on all pro with them having full sliders, but i havent had the guts to switch my franchise over yet. All madden on 04 was definitly infinitly easier
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Old 02-22-2005, 10:55 AM   #3
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Re: All-madden Sliders

check the forums on www.maddenmania.com they always have slider settings available
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