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What Web Shows Do You Watch?

Parking Lot

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What Web Shows Do You Watch?

Okay. I guess I knew these things were our there but never really watched any but now I think I may be hooked. The other day I was looking around Netflix for something to watch and found Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog. Onlyl after watching it did I realize it was first an Internet only show. Found and watched "The Guild" - little too chick based but, quite frankly, it hit some gamer guys I know dead-on.

Then I found this: Troopers: Tractor Beam - CollegeHumor Video

Whole series based on these two troopers and Star Wars parody. Funny as hell.

So ... does anybody else watch web only shows? If so, which ones and why?
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Re: What Web Shows Do You Watch?


A good series I enjoyed was Chad Vader. I believe they have 4 seasons. Good stuff...lol

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Re: What Web Shows Do You Watch?

all star celebrity bowling is pretty good.

i think red vs blue was basically the original, it's a bit dated now and halo centric, but it was great at the time.
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There's a Tom hanks show that's supposed to be good. I think it's animated. Has anybody seen it?

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Didn't Seinfeld just come out with a new online show?
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Re: What Web Shows Do You Watch?

Originally Posted by hooskins View Post
Didn't Seinfeld just come out with a new online show?
Yeah. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee or something like that

Clark and Michael and Between Two Ferns are both very funny
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