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The Jokes Thread

Parking Lot

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Re: The Jokes Thread

Originally Posted by CultBrennan59 View Post

So this big grizzly biker man is traveling from state to state. He decides to go and park his bike at this bar along his route to grab a beer.

The biker goes to sit down at the bar, when a flamboyant and strange looking fellow sits down next to him.

"You look new here!" says the quirky fellow.

"Shut up fag" says the biker in an annoyed, tired, demanding voice.

"Thats not nice!" snaps back the lispy voiced man.

"What did I say! Quit talking to me fag!"

"I tell you what," says the 'fag' "I'll stop talking to you, but you have to play me in bar room football. If I beat you in bar room football, you have to stop calling me fag. If you beat me in bar room football, not only will I stop talking to you. I'll also buy you a drink!"

"Whats bar room football?" says the Biker

" Oh its quiet simple! You chug a beer, and thats a TD. You fart and its the extra point."

The Biker eventually gives in and agrees to play bar room football.

"Sure fag. If that'll make your faggot ass shut up!"

"hehehe ok" giggles the gay man.

So the Biker goes, chugs a beer like its nothing and farts. Touchdown and extra point.

Then the gay guy goes.

Chugs a beer, then farts.

Its the Bikers turn again. He chugs the beer. Touchdown. He then gets ready to fart.

All of a sudden the gay guy jumps out of his seat. Goes and rips down the Bikers pants and starts ****ing him in the ass and shouts "BLOCK THAT KICK! BLOCK THAT KICK!"
Not acceptable or funny, what made you think that would fly here? Wise up.

/joke thread
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Re: The Jokes Thread

Apologies on behalf of all the mods for letting that one slip past us
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