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"Challenged" Redskin Fans at Games

Parking Lot

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"Challenged" Redskin Fans at Games

Ever gone to a Redskin game and saw a person in a Wheelchair or Crutches?

Ever thought about how they get to seats they paid for?

There are MANY Redskin fans that are challenged and believe me they all like to go to games. FED/EX has some help but, it can be frustrating for new people.

If you know anyone in a Wheelchair or "limited" have them call ahead and go to the Hospitality office and let them know then need some "space".

FED/EX has some [but I would argue LIMITED] areas for persons of limited mobility.

I know because I had my right foot chopped off 7 years back when I was hit and run on my 1996 Harley Fatboy and although I have a GREAT prosthetic leg I have needed to go to 3 games in my wheelchair. Twice i did good but one time was SOL and had to watch the game almost in the hallway. [GEORGE, I LOVE YOU for letting me watch the game from your area]

Yeah, I run around 90% of the time like a mad man but at times cruise a wheelchair.

I think FED/EX could use a little more information out there but all in all if you call ahead or know where to go you can get an elivator and a seat.

This is just a heads up and please no one call a Whambulance for me. I'm a Skins fan and a butt kicker and need not tears. I just figure there are many worse off them me when it comes to mobility. WE need us ALL cheering for this Team.

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My mom is in a wheel chair, we're never had a problem. Where are your seats? Part of why I think we have never had a problem is because we have club level seats. We get to the game, park in the blue or orange parking (handicap or club level, both the closest row to the stadium) and we go in the enterance with the elevator, and take it straigh to the club level. I guess you haev to use that enterance as well, since the rest of the stadium has all the steps leading up to it. The only problem with the handicap seats is that theres a wheelchair seat and one seat for one guest. (by wheelchair seat they mean an area with nothing). I think they should have a chair for the person in the wheel chair. My mom wouldnt be able to leave her wheel chair but a lot ofpeople I know dont like their wheel chairs and only use them for transportation then liek to be switched to a normal seat.

I can imagine though that on the upper level it being very difficult, my mom never came when we originally had upperdeck seats.
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