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Re: Signatures:

Automatically removing commercials -- dang! I need a kick in the ass, so I can setup something similar. Right now, I think I'm paying about $10 per month just for the DVR service (probably with fewer features). F that.
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Re: Signatures:

Originally Posted by onlydarksets View Post
It's great - I have 3 tuners, all of my music, about 50 movies, and all of my photos on it. I also have an Xbox 360 in the living room, so all of this stuff is available throughout the house. I also use DVRMSToolbox to automatically remove commercials and convert all of my shows to DivX to watch on my Smartphone on the way to work (don't worry, I'm not driving while I watch - I take a train).

I tried the open source solutions for a long time (e.g., MythTV), but MCE is so freaking easy to setup, I went with that in the end.
myth is flexable, and it's better now than it used to be, but yeah, it can be a pain at times... i think someone made a liveCD version though, which is nice.
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Re: Signatures:

In addition to the main Myth PC, I was running a Myth client on a Xebian install on an Xbox, which further complicated matters. My main criteria was to have multiple tuners controlled by a central scheduler and be able to access on multiple TVs. Myth is probably the best option for doing that, but my *nix skills are very rusty and I only got it to about 90% of what I wanted. And my setup was kludgy. If you have the know-how, Myth is definitely the way to start. If you don't, then it's probably not worth the effort at this point.
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