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Some common Warpath FAQ


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Some common Warpath FAQ

I've decided to start up a FAQ for some of the common questions that come up. I try to reply to everyone's PM's and emails, but at times it can be difficult and frankly I get tired of answering the same questions over and over. So here goes.

Q: How do I start a new thread?

A: Check this thread for guidance. Also, please note if you are new to the site you cannot start a new thread until you have 10 replies to existing threads. We have put this restriction in place to ease new members into the forums so they can get a taste of how things run here. DO NOT try to circumvent this by spamming the board until you reach 10 posts. Doing so could result in you being banned from the forums.

Q: Can I upload a custom avatar?

A: No, sorry we don't allow custom avatars. In the interest of keeping the boards looking neat and uniform we don't allow members to upload their own avatar. Our graphics guy, Summo, has created a ton of pretty cool Redskins avatars that we use and he's always creating new ones.

Q: Can I put in a request for a certain player avatar?

A: Sure, just post your request here in the playbook forum. We can't guarantee that you'll get your requested avatar but we'll certainly take your request under consideration and do the best we can.

Q: What is this reputation system all about?

A: This is something we just recently put in place and it's something we're still testing out. This basically gives you the ability to compliment another member when you agree with a post of theirs or you feel it helped add value to the discussion. On the flip side of course you can also disapprove of their post if you don't agree with them or you feel their post didn't add any value to the discussion. We ask that you use this feature wisely. To add to someone's reputation, simply look under their avatar and click on the little symbol that looks like a scale.

Q: How do I embed a YouTube video?

A: Please see this thread.

Q: Why was my thread locked/closed?

A: Most likely because it was a duplicate thread. Or another common reason for the moderators to shut down a thread is if your thread is irrational (pissed off over a loss for example) or pointless.

Here are some helpful hints to avoid having one of your threads locked:

1) Look at the first page of posts to make sure your topic isn't already being discussed. Also, try using the search function if you're too lazy to look at the first page of posts.

2) Second, create a thread with a clear and concise thread title. We cannot stress this enough. If we can't tell what a thread is about by reading the title, it's garbage.

3) Put some quality and substance into your post. That includes using proper grammar and spelling.

4) If you are mad and pissed off over something like a tough loss, stop and cool off before posting. People get sick and tired really quick of reading ridiculous, flying off the handle, reactionary threads.

Please keep in mind that creating new threads is a privilege that can be taken away. So please use it wisely.

Q: What is this VIP thing all about?

A: In a continuing effort to cover our site expenses, we've come up with a premium membership opportunity. Rather than just donating to the site and not getting anything back except a thank you, we've come up with some additional permissions and features you will receive in return for your generous contribution to the site! Click here for more info.

Q: Can I be a moderator?

A: We're currently "staffed up" and not looking for any new moderators. When we do decide that we need some extra help, we conduct an internal evaluation and go from there. Sorry, we don't accept applications.

Q: How do I change 'skins' on the site?

A: This is a pretty cool feature that we think is pretty unique to this site. Basically, you can change the look of the site and we have several options available including special holiday ones. Just scroll to the bottom of any page and look at the left side for the quick style chooser. Or you can also visit your user control panel and select your skin there under 'edit options'.

The User CP is where you can do everything from changing your avatar, to changing your signature, to checking on your latest reputation received and given (VIP's only)

To be continued...
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