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DFI 09-02-2021 01:11 PM

The Day I Never Thought Would Come
I have been a Redskins (can I still say that?) fan since I was 10, so almost 44 years. I don't think I could be called a fair weather fan, since it has been a long freaking time since there has been any fair weather, and there certainly is not any bandwagon to jump on or off of. I have (like all of you) endured the Snyder era while longing for Jack Kent Cooke to return from the dead and right the ship.

I must admit the dropping of the name was/is a hard pill for me to swallow and may well be the straw that broke the camel's back. Couple that with relocating to the Pittsburgh area has brought me to what is the title of this post. All of my Redskins memorabilia and clothing his going into storage tubs and put away. I am on the waiting list for Steelers season tickets and I will begin to collect black and Gold and begin to read up on the history of my now hometown team.

I have lots of memories that are not going anywhere but Its time for a new chapter and to say so long to chief zee, rev. redskin, the hogettes and what used to be Redskin nation.

So long Washington football team which i know is abbreviated WFT, but let's be honest shouldn't it really be WTF?

Ruhskins 09-02-2021 01:14 PM

Re: The Day I Never Thought Would Come

MTK 09-02-2021 01:17 PM

Re: The Day I Never Thought Would Come
We've got plenty of existing threads on this topic, please post there.


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