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punch it in 12-15-2021 07:58 AM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
[QUOTE=nonniey;1304019]Commishs have to come up with an idea to punish owners that pack it in once they are eliminated from playoff contention. I was just knocked out of the playoffs in a $100 league by an asshole that lost to my competition. He was eliminated week13 so didn't submit his line-up for week 14 so he started Tua, Jon Taylor and Eilija Mitchell and had Fields and RBs and WRs on the bench that he could have replaced them with (and yes would have won with just Fields alone).

Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

Yeah. Don’t let them in the league next year. I noticed last year someone did that but thought well shit maybe they got covid, maybe something trumped Fantasy. Did it again this year. If you are too busy to simply field a team every week than ya shouldn’t play. It isn’t fair to everyone else. Especially in a money league.

The worst is when someone sets their lineup once in a while. If they shit the bed every week at least it is sort if a level playing field.

Anyway i agree 100 percent. I could be out of contention and i still field the best possible team every week.

MTK 12-15-2021 08:57 AM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
Outside of a commish micromanaging a league, not much else you can do, other than find better owners like punch already said.

Chico23231 12-15-2021 09:26 AM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
I think a good business practice is having a button on the team page profile that says “start active players” would be helpful like they do for yahoo fantasy baseball/basketball teams. Might make it easier for players who are out of it and would click it for courtesy

I wouldn’t expect Matty to go in and start people if the player hadn’t. That’s not on him

punch it in 12-23-2021 12:46 PM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
Good thing i just set my team for the game I do not have this week. Didn’t realize it was playoff time. Congratulations to all who didn’t shit the bed like me this year. Fuck you Mahommes. You put up like 6 points at least twice and cost me games you douche.

sdskinsfan2001 12-23-2021 01:03 PM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
Lol, I really did move up 1 spot to 11th place. I didn't win a game in like the last 5 weeks lol.

I'm getting in that ass in 2031 though. Slow and steady baby.

Chico23231 01-04-2022 09:21 AM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
Congrats to Skinsncanes…felt like he had the best team all season.

Covid really put a wrench in the last several weeks of the season.

MTK 01-04-2022 09:53 AM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
yeah covid definitely wrecked things down the stretch, really hope it's not an issue again next year

Chico23231 01-04-2022 10:02 AM

Re: 2021 Fantasy Leagues
[quote=MTK;1306838]yeah covid definitely wrecked things down the stretch, really hope it's not an issue again next year[/quote]

No matter how it played out, no one was gonna beat that championship game SkinsnCanes 179 point total. That like late 80s Bronco superbowl beat down scores.

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