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Warthog 12-30-2019 01:33 AM

Bruce Out??
First for all the Bruce Allen lovers who want to keep him in some capacity as a stadium guru or something else. He is a cancer in the organization:

1. He was considered the Worst GM in the NFL by players and agents in a USA poll two years ago. He is specifically listed as “untrustworthy” by them all. Is that a trait you want in a team executive?

2. He is despised by the Redskins fans and media. How is that going to translate into helping to get politicians to cough up a $ 1 Billion for a new stadium?

3. He was specifically listed as a casual factor by the team’s best player as a reason for wanting to leave the team? He sabotaged the possibility of trading this player, in his typical nasty manner. Is this a person you want in your organization?

4. While VP he continually undercut and sabotaged other qualified executives on the staff including a GM, an executive brought in to improve fan relations, and others. As these people were being released by the team he leaked nasty rumors about them. Again, is this a person you want in your franchise in any capacity? He got rid of these people not because they were failing but because they WERE SUCCEEDING and steeling his thunder. To be a SUCCESSFUL executive you hire people better than you, give them guidelines but let them do great things. You don’t sabotage them because they are doing better than you!

5. He was clueless about football and showed his arrogance and lack of awareness of the problems on the team. Calling the culture of the team as “damn good” when the team eventually would go to 3-13 shows his utter lack of situational awareness.

I don’t hate Bruce Allen. He is just a guy who moved in the NFL based on nepotism. He has been an utter failure at every aspect of this team: over 100 losses in 10 years, considered the worst GM in the league and NO STADIUM. How many years do you give a guy to do anything positive besides being Dan Snyder lackey? He is a terrible GM and a pitiful leader, and shows me no attributes as an executive that I can see. Get rid of him and move on.

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mooby 12-30-2019 02:28 AM

Re: Bruce Out??
[quote=SkinzWin;1241079]Who is?[/quote]

LOL. I literally wrote this long ass post explaining why I'm enamored with Eric Bienemy for making the Chiefs offense look good. And one of my major factors with Bienemy was how fascinated I am with the Andy Reid coaching tree, because his coaching tree has gone on to major success in a way that Bill B's coaching tree never did. I typed out several different reasons why I trust Reid's process and that's why Bienemy is my #1 guy, and then I found the link to the SI article where they interviewed several of his former assistants and that's where I found out Ron Rivera comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree.

So all the points I made about how I trust the Andy Reid coaching tree and that's why Bienemy is my #1 choice also led me to realize what a dumbass I am because Ron Rivera comes from that same tree.

Reid's philosophy is about putting a premium on coaches who are good teachers and motivators and who never stop learning. Rivera falls under that discipline, as does Bienemy.

After reading this and gaining more insight into Rivera I would be fine with him running the show and keeping KOC on as O-coordinator.

Just so you can see where I'm coming from, here's the article:

[quote=Ron Rivera on Andy Reid]
One of the things you gotta give Andy credit for is the way he does things. It’s almost like it’s right out of Bill Walsh’s book, Finding the Winning Edge. When I was first with Andy, he encouraged me to go get it, so I read the book. And by reading the book, one of the things I learned off it was that everything we did with Andy was in the book. So I started seeing why—in the book, there are great explanations of why Bill Walsh did everything that he did. … He trusts you. So by empowering you and giving you trust, you really do feel like, wow, ‘This is mine, he’s given us an opportunity to take a true stake in what we do.’

One thing he always did with us, when we had to do our reviews from the game, we all did it together in the same room, and you had to sign your name to it. You had to put your grades up in front of everybody. And every now and then, you had to explain why you graded your players like you did. I’m an eternally optimistic person. So one time, we’re grading, and my grades are a little higher than everybody’s. And we had won the game.

So after we got done, Andy said, ‘Ron, can you stay?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ So I stayed in the room and he starts talking about the grades, everybody’s grades. And we’d won this game like 35-7, I can’t remember who we beat. And Andy was smiling—‘You ever notice anything about the grades up here?’ I said, ‘I don’t know what you’re getting at, coach.’ Andy say, ‘Well, you see everyone’s grades, you notice yours are a little high?’ So I said, ‘Coach, we won the game 35-7.’ I’m looking at our offensive line, and nobody graded better than a 2.0, and a 2.0 was a backup player that you’re looking to replace—3.0 was a solid starter who did a great job, 3.5 was a guy playing Pro Bowl-caliber football, 4.0 was an All-Pro.

And I said, ‘Coach, I’m just looking at these grades and saying how can we win a game by so much and have so many low grades?” He said, ‘OK, I get it.’ And what I took, he didn’t judge me. He just asked me what I thought about it. And from that, it made me realize, I’m a positive guy, I look at things from a positive perspective—we had to do something right if we won 35-7. And he was that way too.

I remember asking Andy, ‘You know, you never fire anybody. Why?’ He said, ‘Ron, two things. First of all, I hired you. If I think something’s not going well, I’m gonna work with you, I’m gonna train you and give you every opportunity to succeed. If I don’t do that, it’s on me, it’s my fault.’ So he gave us this book on teaching, it’s a little book on teaching. And in it, there are little things about the progression of learning, the progression of teaching, you teach everything from the core, from the base. Like a tree, everything grows up, you’ve got a firm foundation and then it branches out. That’s how I look at coaching, from having read that book.

Now I'm not saying I think Andy Reid is the best coach in the history of football (obviously Bill Belichick is in that convo). But the way he brings coaches up and the ones that have gone on to major success makes me believe he does things the right way. I'm a believer in the Reid system.

FrenchSkin 12-30-2019 04:43 AM

Re: Bruce Out??
[URL="https://twitter.com/PeteHaileyNBCS/status/1211449795572838406"]Gotta love this video of DA and AS walking out the stadium in completely opposite direction of BA[/URL] ! Quite awkwardly tensed but great sign as it comes to BA being completely out of here !

AnonEmouse 12-30-2019 07:51 AM

Re: Bruce Out??
Aside from late games being too late to watch live over here in the UK (thus I won't see the 49ers v Seahawks game until this evening as I'm working), the time difference also means we don't see fresh NFL news until around lunchtime. I'm waiting with bated breath for the announcement that BA is gone. :)

One thing I've not seen debated here is that it looks like we're signing our new HC before we sort out our GM situation. Is it me or is that an unusual scenario? Or is it because BA is sticking around like he proverbial bad smell? I hope not...

EARTHQUAKE2689 12-30-2019 08:17 AM

Re: Bruce Out??

jamf 12-30-2019 08:21 AM

Re: Bruce Out??
Sheffter just reported on espn that BA was fired. No longer with the team in any capacity.

[I]Unzips pants...[/I]

MTK 12-30-2019 08:21 AM

Re: Bruce Out??
[URL="https://www.redskins.com/news/statement-by-washington-redskins-owner-dan-snyder"]Bruce has been fired per a team statement.[/URL]

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