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SFREDSKIN 02-19-2022 08:47 PM

RIP Charley Taylor
He was my favorite player growing up, just like Art Monk another classy player. RIP Charley and thanks for the great memories.


sdskinsfan2001 02-19-2022 09:53 PM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
Man, that sucks. RIP. #superlegend

budw38 02-20-2022 06:50 AM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
R. I . P. C. Taylor , HOF . I met him 74 / 75 , really nice guy , true warrior , Redskin . Always a fan Favorite . R I P # 42

Giantone 02-20-2022 08:07 AM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
I'm sorry to hear this , he was truly one of the great players in the hey day of the NFL! If I remember (not sure) he was all so the receivers Coach when the Skins had the Smurfs under Gibbs. I was jealous back in those day becuase everyone to a man would dive and I mean lay out for a ball and with the old turf back then it wasn't an easy thing to do and that was from great Coaching. He believed if you could touch a ball you should catch a ball, truly one of the greats!

skinsfan69 02-20-2022 10:24 PM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
We are losing so many great Redskin greats lately. Makes me sad.

REDSKINS4ever 02-21-2022 01:40 PM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
Charley Taylor was a great player, a HOFmer, and a great receivers coach......RIP #42

JackLord 02-21-2022 06:09 PM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
A great Redskin, a great player, and a great man.

Charley, Jerry Smith, and Roy Jefferson were a great tandem.

And later on, who better to coach the Smurfs and the Posse?

RIP Charley. Thanks for everything.

MTK 02-22-2022 09:27 AM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor
RIP to one of our greats, he was before my time but he must have been a fun player to watch

SunnySide 02-22-2022 10:09 AM

Re: RIP Charley Taylor


Rest in Peace Mr. Taylor.

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