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phoenixredskin 09-30-2006 06:33 AM

Re: #8 Out of Practice/TC Takes Snaps
I have complete faith in Brunell. However, this clown on Collins attitude bothers me. He is a great pocket passer. I'm not one for stats. However, check them for yourselves. He's 34 years old and knows who and where the wolves are. Would you rather "Spurrier"(Ramsey) Campbell? Saunders brought him into our family for very good reasons. Preseason is just what it is = does not count or mean much.


phoenixredskin 09-30-2006 10:40 AM

Re: #8 Out of Practice/TC Takes Snaps
[quote=dmek25;221008]how the hell was brunell beat up after the texans game? i dont think they laid a hand on him the entire game. this must be offiss at work on the brunell haters train[/quote]

Did you watch the game? Brunell got a facemask in his elbow, and has stitches from it. The injury is on his (left) throwing arm. Not something to shrug off or laugh about. They did lay many hands on him to answer. Jags are the league sleeper, and should not be taken lightly. The overwhelming opinion vs. the Vikes was that no way we could lose. Well we did, because our Redskins thought the same thing. 9/11 in DC 5 years later....the Vikes must give it to us. If you have not realized it yet or you are new to the family, every Redskin victory is won out of heart. I have lived in numerous west coast cities and they love to hate us. Call it jealousy, or whatever you want....to me all that matters is the score.


phoenixredskin 10-01-2006 09:21 AM

Re: #8 Out of Practice/TC Takes Snaps
[quote=sandtrapjack;220916]Welcome to my nightmare. Same thing happened when Romo got more snaps during preseason.....everyone thinking a change is coming.

If MB is not hurt and able to play, he gives this team the best chance to win.[/quote]

Seriously, I do not mid a bit of jib jab, but I abhor seeing a cowboy helmet in a post. Come on, for real? His posts are intelligent and concise. If you are not completely with me, then you have never had people dance around you in silver and blue and call you the "shitskins" every single time they say our name. And rub it....and rub it....why don't they have their own site? I mean they are "America's team"


12thMan 10-01-2006 09:25 AM

Re: #8 Out of Practice/TC Takes Snaps
[quote=phoenixredskin;221478]You mean Brandon Noble getting MRSA, right? As for Collins, are you questioning Saunders and Gibbs. He can play, and pressure is when he performs the best.

Ahhh...since when did Collins starting playing well under pressure....or at all for that matter?

railcon56 10-01-2006 12:47 PM

Re: #8 Out of Practice/TC Takes Snaps
[quote=phoenixredskin;221487] Would you rather "Spurrier"(Ramsey) Campbell? Hail[/quote]

Hell Yes I would Love to have had Ramsey in reserve!!!!

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