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Beemnseven 12-23-2006 03:46 PM

Re: Has the league figured out the cover 2?
[QUOTE=Schneed10;263017]The other thing, with more and more extremely athletic TEs coming into the league, teams have more weapons with which to attack the middle of a cover 2.[/QUOTE]

I was thinking about this the other day -- it seems that more and more teams are going after not just one, but two athletic, pass catching tight ends:

Dallas already had Jason Witten, then drafted Anthony Fasano.

Indy had Dallas Clark, then went out and got Ben Utecht.

New England has two of the best with Daniel Graham and Ben Watson.

Those are probably not enough examples to suggest a "trend", but I wonder if it's headed that way.

dmek25 12-23-2006 08:05 PM

Re: Has the league figured out the cover 2?
the nfl is a copycat league. everyone will get good tightends, and then defenses will gear up to stop them, and something else will open up

Defensewins 12-23-2006 08:22 PM

Re: Has the league figured out the cover 2?
The rule changes and increased enforcement of existing rules that are geared to create more offense have more to do with this than any "figured out cover 2" conspiracy theories.
Today's NFL offenses have not re-invented the wheel; they are running the same plays as the years before.
The difference is a LB/safety cannot jam a TE or inside reciever like they used to in the past. Big/athletic TE's and FB are coming off the line and into pass patterns untouched. That has changed. In the past you would get hit hard for running across the middle. Now they call illegal use of hands, illegal contact after 5 yards, defensive holding, personal foul unnecessary roughness, etc.
This game is changing for the worse just for ratings and fans that just want offense. Plus add in all these protecting the QB rules. It is a joke. The game needs to be fair for both offense and defense. It currently is not.

As you can tell from my rant I am a former defensive player. I really apprectiate when a team plays great defense. It is a sight to see.

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