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Hoggie 01-05-2006 02:35 PM

Hi guys, do you know of any stores that will ship to Scotland UK for a reasonable cost. I have looked at nfl.com and redskins.com but they are looking for $50.00 P&P.


BigSKINBauer 01-05-2006 03:07 PM

Re: Scotland
Eh GUTS AND POWER. Portis is too cool. I don't know of any sites in particular that will ship to scotland for free. Are there lots of skins fans in scotland?

Sorry i can't be of much help but you are a new member so.....

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TheGuyFromOverThere 01-05-2006 03:12 PM

Re: Scotland
You have to search for a Shop in Europe. I once mailed to Redskins.com and they told me, they are not even allowed to send it outside U.S. cause of licenses. I can give you the webadress of a shop in Germany, they only have limited access to merchandise, but maybe itīs a bit cheaper.

Hog1 01-05-2006 04:12 PM

Re: Scotland
Can anything be done with NFL Europe? Check this out. Maybe it will help. [url]http://www.nfleurope.com/[/url]

BDBohnzie 01-05-2006 04:20 PM

Re: Scotland
The only think I can think of is Kitbag ([url]www.kitbag.com)[/url]. Good luck.

BrudLee 01-05-2006 04:20 PM

Re: Scotland

Try this.


BrudLee 01-05-2006 04:22 PM

Re: Scotland
You beat me, Bohnzie!

bedlamVR 01-05-2006 04:50 PM

Re: Scotland
Ebay is by far and away the best way to get anything NFL related in the UK. I live just neer manchester and we have been buying Redskins stuff for a couple of years and never had a problem but you have to know what to look ofr and you can get some fantaisic deals . Either that or just go over to the states it might work out cheaper ...

Hoggie 01-06-2006 09:28 AM

Re: Scotland
Thanks guys, I have tried the websites that you have suggested, but they don't have the gear that I'm looking for. As for Skins fans in the UK, I would say there are quite alot.


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