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Warpath 01-09-2006 07:26 PM

Download ringtones? Hail to the redskins?
Any of you know where I can download the fight song for free? I use Sprint and have a multimedia phone so I know I can use it once I find it. I use this site alot to download free ringers... [url]www.3gforfree.com[/url] go there from your phone browser and check it out. Drop me a line back if you know where to download hail to the skins, I know its available I heard the guy's phone who works at the redsknis store ring and he had hail to the skins on it. That means it has to be available somewhere. By the way on that site, 3g, u can also download the redskins logo as a screensaver, its on my phone....

BDBohnzie 01-10-2006 10:25 AM

Re: Download ringtones? Hail to the redskins?
what format does your ringtones have to be in? I know I have Hail to the Redskins in mp3, which works on my Verizon LG VX4500, and I know I downloaded it off the internet somewhere.

[url]http://www.haruth.com/RedskinsHailtotheRedskins.html[/url] - wav version. might be able to compress down to use on phone

[url]http://www.webskins.org/d.html#mus[/url] - wav version and mp3 version

[url]http://www.redskins.com/fanzone/[/url] - wav version

This should do it. If need be, you can find a converter online that will convert from wav or mp3 to whatever format you need for your phone.

Warpath 01-11-2006 09:35 PM

Re: Download ringtones? Hail to the redskins?
I guess I am looking for a site that all i have to do is enter my phone number in and it sends the song to my phone, or somewhere like the above mentioned 3g where it downloads straight to my phone. Thanks for the help, that page definiteyl went iinto my fav's.

BDBohnzie 02-03-2006 02:55 PM

Re: Download ringtones? Hail to the redskins?
check out [url=http://www.frankcaliendo.com/pcs/ringtones.html]frankcaliendo.com[/url]

he's got some pretty funny (and free) ringtones using the different voices he does...

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