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tdSKINS1 01-09-2006 08:48 PM

All ive been hearing after our pull it out win in Tampa is how Seattle is going to beat us. ESPN and SI and all sports shows i have seen are giving it up to Seattle. I will give it to them they are 8-0 at home but for the most part 32 strength of schedule makes me think how are we underdogs. I like being underdogs, especially in huge games like this. I hope Joe can work his magic this week. And to all traveling to Seatlle to hopefully watch a joyous game. Godspeed and bring it home SKINS.

Media: " The game has passed him by." (refering to JG) tsk tsk if only they knew what Joe was capable of. Way to go Gibbs, screw Lovie Smith your coach of the year

Warpath 01-09-2006 09:03 PM

Re: Underdogsss
Went to [url]www.betus.com[/url] ->live odds ->NFL to check the odds for our game and the others....( Lines effective: 1/9/2006 8:54:21 PM )

Redskins are 9 point road underdogs(at Seattle).
Patriots are 3 point road underdogs(at Denver).
Steelers are 9 point road underdogs(at Indy).
Carolina are 3 point road underdogs(at Chicago).

I think that out of these 4 games, the "Skins are definitely getting the short end of the stick. We get no love. Just because the Seahawks can't win games in the Eastern time zone doesn't have anything to do with the 'Skins hitting the Great Northwest. I think that your going to see a pumped up 'Skins team that plays with alot of heart, plays extremely enthusiastic, and plays without mistakes.

hooskins 01-09-2006 09:28 PM

Re: Underdogsss
I am glad we are underdogs, we play better that way because we have something to prove. I was nervous last week because many people favored the Redskins, and I thought that would make our players a little bit too cocky. So its time to show everyone and their mother, once again, that we can win.

Stacks42 01-10-2006 12:52 PM

Re: Underdogsss
I cant believe that the skins are gettin any love, from the media. Have you seen who the Seahawks have beaten this year? they basically play the dregs of the NFL.

Atlanta Seahawks Won by 3
St Louis x2 not a very good team
Arizona x2 a bad team
San Francisco x2 one of the worst teams in the NFL
Houston the worst team in the nfl
Dallas Seahawks won by 3
New York Giants Feeley blows, cost the G-men that game!
Indianapolis Rested starters
Tennessee not a good team
Philadelphia Eagles suck!

I think that the Seahawks are going to be the team that is "exposed" this week, then all the haters in the media will have to change their tunes.

Hog1 01-10-2006 01:06 PM

Re: Underdogsss
We were left for dead (BY ALL) 6 weeks ago. Since that time we have layed waste to 6 in a row! # 7 is on Saturday. It's good to be the..................DOG

5RINGS 01-10-2006 01:38 PM

Re: Underdogsss
We were left for dead (BY ALL) 6 weeks ago. Since that time we have layed waste to 6 in a row! # 7 is on Saturday. It's good to be the..................DOG[/QUOTE]

Not by me,

I called it in Week #8.

Seattle is soft. I can see the skins winning this one by 6. That Pass rush of Seattle is WAYYYYYYY overrated. Watch so-called Sack master Grant Wistrom disappear in another big game. Big 12 chickens**t player.

Our Tackles shut him down till the end of the fourth Quarter.

Brunell gets all day to pass and Moss goes off for 150+ yds.

The trip to Chicago won't be as much fun for Brunell though....

skinsttw 01-10-2006 01:40 PM

Re: Underdogsss
The media always chooses sides. The Seahawks may have been good in the regular season, but the playoffs is a whole new season-- and single elimination. The skins definitely have the edge in the playoffs because we have the coaches and the experience in big games. Gibbs will make sure the team is prepared.

JWsleep 01-10-2006 02:22 PM

Re: Underdogsss
We were left for dead (BY ALL) 6 weeks ago. Since that time we have layed waste to 6 in a row! # 7 is on Saturday. It's good to be the..................DOG[/QUOTE]

I'm with you, Hog1. Put that chip on our shoulder, and don't take it off until we are raising the Lombardi trophy. HOwever, I seriously doubt that the squawks are going to overlook us--they (reasonably) feel that they blew the game in DC. However, they haven't proven anything yet in the playoffs--look at what happened to the overhyped VAgiants.

Hog1 01-10-2006 02:27 PM

Re: Underdogsss
I agree JW, there ain't no sneaking up on anyone. Hopefully, if our Offense can match the D this week................We have to make up the rest with Junkyard dog!

dmek25 01-10-2006 07:55 PM

Re: Underdogsss
just what seattle wants,sean taylor walking around with another chip on his shoulder

tdSKINS1 01-10-2006 09:52 PM

Re: Underdogsss
I agree totally with you guys thanks for replying to this thread

SUNRA 01-10-2006 10:04 PM

Re: Underdogsss
I'm glad I can reason with people who have a sound understanding of Seattle's overrated record this year. Look at the NFC east teams they have played. The Redskins, Dallas and the Giants gave them the most difficulty winning by 3 or losing by 3. The Redskins beat everybody in the Seahawks division too. So that's no great feat. Quite frankly, Shaun Alexander will use the same excuse that Tiki used in stating his team was out coached. Mike Holgrem-Ray Rhodes vs. Joe Gibbs-Greg Williams is school in session.

Sammy Baugh Fan 01-10-2006 10:19 PM

Re: Underdogsss
I love it!
As a long time fan I'm I'd been telling folks we could squeek a spot in the playoffs and if so....all bets are off and we have a good a chance as any hungry team.

I EXPECTED Gibbs to have a shot next year for a Super Bowl.

Some guys sig. is "The Future is Now"

Amen Brother!
We're 6 games HOT!

We CAN win this game.

Save the DRAM for yer MAMMA. Players play and don't give a SPIT about anything but a guy running at him with grass on his feet and people screaming and lights flashing.

The Game will be what it is.

GoSkins! 01-10-2006 10:30 PM

Re: Underdogsss
Also, I have noticed that Gibbs puts together his most impressive offensive performances in games in which his team is the underdog. I think it's because he forgets about being conservative.

bertoskins 01-10-2006 11:00 PM

Re: Underdogsss
Gibbs will make them eat their own words

go skins

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