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70Chip 01-13-2006 12:56 AM

Re: Monk and Grimm are HOF finalists
As a newcomer to this site, I haven't had a chance to pontificate indignantly about the fact that Art Monk is not in the hall. Here goes:

I think the problem for both Monk and Reed (Reid)? is that they were good people. I think that the press actually prefers insufferable, moronic, buffoons because [i]that[/i] story writes itself. When you write about Monk you actually have to write about football. There's no jewelry, drugs, hookers, or endzone dances to pad the copy. No rap video. No assaults on photogs, which are always good for at least one segment on The Sports Reporters. That's the segment where Mike Lupica pretends he wishes that the Micheal Irvins of the world were more like the Art Monks, when its really the opposite.

Nope. A Monk story is all about hard work, discipline, and personal accountability. I suppose its not all their fault, though. We as consumers are far more interested in Sean Taylor's spitting incident than we are in Marcus Washington's standout season.

Art Monk has a family. He goes to church. He would never say anything unkind about his teammates or his opponents for that matter. He had a famous jazz musician Uncle, Thelonius, which you would think would have earned at least one five minute segment on NFL Films. Steve Sabel seems just about that hip, you dig. No such luck.

I would hope that the writers would think about rewarding a decent human being this time. They will probably select Micheal Irvin instead.

(In re-reading this I sound like an insufferable old-fogey, but I will post it anyway. Enjoy.)

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