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diesl44 01-14-2006 08:19 PM

I hate Mike Wise....
What is with this guy? I really hate this friggin guy. Read that article in the Post (from today) and you will too. He's the only person who keeps harping on the team's name as offensive. One of his older articles he even went so far as giving a replacement nickname for the team .... are you ready? He suggested the Washington Clout ... the clout! What the frig! This guy is off his rocker and must be married to a pain in the ass Native American. Redskins forever. pbbbttt clout what a dipshit.

Luxorreb 01-15-2006 12:22 AM

Re: I hate Mike Wise....
Yeah I'd always prefer to read about football when my team (the local team) is in the playoffs. Maybe he should cover a better more 'PC' named team like the Texans or Ravens. Oh that's right they're both sitting on the couch like me!

dgack 01-15-2006 12:26 AM

Re: I hate Mike Wise....
Why doesn't he hop on The Sports Guy's train and call them the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons?

bedlamVR 01-15-2006 08:28 AM

Re: I hate Mike Wise....
Isn't he a baseball guy ?

That Guy 01-16-2006 04:13 AM

Re: I hate Mike Wise....
yeah, he's NOT a football guy and his football articles are generally trash.

[quote]Redskins forever. pbbbttt clout what a dipshit.[/quote]
-that's my quote of the week ;)

Luxorreb 01-16-2006 05:26 AM

Re: I hate Mike Wise....
Hey Mike Broncos team name is glorifying an animal in a human sport! And Giants are straight up lying!!!

Mike Wise call someone who cares!

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