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Redskins8588 04-27-2004 07:17 PM

Theory on the D-Line
If you read my profile you will find out that I am from western PA. More times than I like to admit to I am stuck watching the Pittsburgh Squeelers. Even though I do not like them I do have to give them credit on there defensive ability.

In my opinion the squeelers did not have an outstanding secondary in a long time, and roughly 2 years ago they were exposed badly by the NE Pats. So how did they have a good defense with out a good secondary. This is my theory, which will be torn apart I am sure, there D-Line and Linebackers put so much presure on the QB that he did not have time to make good decisions and accurate throws, therefor there secondary only had to be sub-par.

How does this tie in to the Redskins? Well in my opinion I believe that our secondary can keep up with most if not all recievers we face this year. Our linebacking core has the ability to be one of the best cores in the league. Then there is our sub-par D-line, the only trouble spot of our defense.

With our secondary and linebackers we should be able to give our sub-par D-line help to get to the QB, either from blitzing our safty or by giving our D-line time to get to the QB from covering the other teams recievers so well that the QB can not make a suitable pass.

I too feel that we need help on the D-line, but apparently Gibbs feels that the talent that we have on the D-line will work. Accepting the fact that Gibbs has 3 Super Bowl rings who am I to argue.

love them hogs 04-27-2004 07:32 PM

Im not so sure Gibbs wants to keep the talent we have on the d-line.Its possible that he wants to see who he can get from the free agent market or possibly a trade.As for hoping that the secondary and linebackers can pick up the slack that is true ,but I would rather not have to use them that way.That would make us predictable.

jdlea 04-27-2004 07:58 PM

I think our D-Line is unproven rather than sub-par. Griffin and Noble can play. Every year I clammer for the Skins to replace Renaldo Wynn, but every year he's always there and there has to be a reason for it. You're not a career starter in the NFL for no reason, he's solid, he just never gets pressure. Then, we have Phillip Daniels who has had a 10 sack season, which I would happy to see from a Redskin, not named LaVar Arrington, this year. Overall I think the Skins a lot of players that can play the game just none that jump out as superstars. I think the D Line will be better than most of you think, if for no other reason than the rest of D is tremendous.

huntz 04-28-2004 03:08 AM

St. Mary's! I've got two buddies from that area who now live in my area of PA. Think a few of us 'Skins fans will be traveling to the Steel City for that Nov matchup with the Steelers. How 'bout you?

RedskinPete 04-28-2004 04:19 AM

I have to say I don't know how bad or good the D line is. You know the saying Cowboy up? Well the coaching the pasted few years on the Redskins has flat out been bad!!! In every way!!!! The team has not been prepared for the season,for any game and has been unable to change a game plan during a game! There has been little to no discipline or accountability. Just look at all the penalties last year. The game plan was not up to NFL standards. The coaching staff never looked at the players they had and tryed to get what they did best out of each of them. What they did do was had a game plan and said you do it even if it was not going to work. One example was blocking for you QB while passing. There were times last year I saw O lineman not blocking anyone or two and sometimes three blocking one defender. These are things done and learned during the week before Sunday game. These are the things that Gibbs and his Staff will do that was not done in the past two years. So is our D line bad, good or what. One paper it could be weak. But football is not played on paper. Griffin and Noble look good in side. That if Noble is well and ready to play. Daniels should be good on one DE spot. As for Wynn I see him like Samuels. All of you say Samuels is this great OT but I remember offsides so many times by him it mad me sick. Missed blocks getting the QB killed as well as missing over and over again blocks on running plays. But I also say coaching and game plans lead to a lot of what happen to Samules. So lets hope better coaching makes Samuels as well as Wynn all they are should be. I too think great LB and secondary will make the line better but the D line well have to be good it's self for the Redskins to stop teams!!!

Daseal 04-28-2004 07:27 AM

Wynn is a solid solid solid DE. He's not great, he's not a superstar, but he's cheap and solid. He can normally apply slight pressure and nab a runner. I think more than anything we had to improve our run D, which we did. Now we're going to force them to throw into heavy coverage. We're going to have to blitz aggressivly with our LBs and DB's, but that's fine. The amount of blitzing we did last year made me sick, because it was practically nothing! Let's get some sacks!

Mattyk 04-28-2004 10:28 AM

With Griffin and Daniels hopefully the d-line will be improved enough so they can hold their own.

As we saw early in the season last year, we don't need a dominate line for the D to function at a high level. If they can hold their own up front and let the LB's make plays they'll be fine.

I expect Williams will have a significant impact as well with his schemes. Edwards was clueless last year, and that definitely did not help an undermanned front four.

memphisskin 04-28-2004 10:35 AM

My theory is that our d-line just has not been a point of emphasis since we signed Dana Stubblefield and Dan Wilkinson. That year we poured a ton of money into those two guys and they didn't exactly pan out. Ever since, we've signed at least one d-lineman every offseason, however we are still looking for a pass rusher and my feeling is we will be after this year as well.

I'd like to see us solidify the interior line. Our pass defense is going to be ok, it's our run defense that needs to be addressed. I'm sick of mediocre backs tearing our defense up, even Hambrick ran for 180+ on us. Now that we can commit an extra defender to the run, and now that the extra defender is Bowen maybe he can add some pop.

Defensewins 04-28-2004 10:47 AM

Lets wait and see before we pass judgement on our new d-line, that has not even stepped on the field together yet. Plus we might have not finished aquiring players yet.
I remember before the 1991-92 Superbowl season we aquired two relatively modest DT's Eric Williams and Tim Johnson. They arrived with very little fanfare. Nothing like when we got fat-so's Big Daddy and Dana Stublefield.

SKINSnCANES 04-28-2004 11:29 AM

[QUOTE=huntz]St. Mary's! I've got two buddies from that area who now live in my area of PA. Think a few of us 'Skins fans will be traveling to the Steel City for that Nov matchup with the Steelers. How 'bout you?[/QUOTE]

Im pretty sure ill be up there for that game, my best friend is a steelers fan so we're both going to fly up for that game. Apparently im supposed to get drunk on Iron City beer? I beleive. When November rolls around ill see which of you guys are going to the game.

As far as our dline, I dont think its going to get taken advantage of like it has in the past. I think our ability to stop the run should be great, we've got beef in the middle and solid ends. Even if we dont sack teh QB a lot I still see the pressure being there enough to throw off the QB, which very well could be better than a sack becaus a floated ball over the middle means touchdown Sean Taylor. Face it, Taylor is a halfback, with a linebackers body, receivers hands and a QBs awareness.

RedskinPete 04-28-2004 11:35 AM

One other thing......Our D was not help any by our three and out turnover O. They were on the field so much they should have been charged rent!!! Lets hope that Gibbs and the O can run and pass while keeping the ball [time of possession]along with FIELD POSITION!!!

SKINSnCANES 04-28-2004 11:43 AM

[QUOTE=RedskinPete]One other thing......Our D was not help any by our three and out turnover O. They were on the field so much they should have been charged rent!!! Lets hope that Gibbs and the O can run and pass while keeping the ball [time of possession]along with FIELD POSITION!!![/QUOTE]

The D getting off the field quick has a lot to do with Sean Taylor giving the offense teh ball back. But I wouldnt look for lots of long time consuming drives from the Skins. Portis doesnt play that way, he was a part of a college team thats average scoring drive for the entire season was 1:40. He plays for the big play. When the ball is in Coles or CPs hands, good things will happen. Look for us to break some of our season records that we set in 91.

kingerock 04-28-2004 12:45 PM

Signing Taylor will help, because it looks like they may want to have some 8 man fronts for run D, and Taylor be a mobile Saftey that can hawk to the ball. The only problem is who do you play up... Bowen of Iffy? I think Wynn and Daniels can do well if coached well. Griffin is solid irreguardless, and with good coaching and DICIPLINE we should have a much more formidable defense. Still suspect, but that's what I'm hoping for.

hank64 04-28-2004 12:56 PM

SkinsnCanes- Stay away from Iron City beer. Trust me on this one.

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