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jasonskin 04-27-2004 08:04 PM

who hits harder
who hits harder lavar or taylor

x44x 04-27-2004 08:26 PM

Lavar easy

PSUskinsfan11 04-27-2004 08:28 PM


itvnetop 04-27-2004 08:36 PM

lavar's got a little more mass (i think like twenty pounds) and he's almost as fast as taylor... didn't lavar run a 4.5 during the combine?

manicd 04-27-2004 09:56 PM

Damn! A 4.5 at Lavar's size is nasty. Force=mass x acceleration.

skinsfanthru&thru 04-27-2004 10:43 PM

i know if i had the misfortune of having to choose which one i'd rather be hit by, I'd have to choose taylor cuz i don't wanna have anything to do with getting chased and hit by lavar.

redwagonskins 04-27-2004 11:14 PM

ask aikman.

Winskins 04-27-2004 11:51 PM

Well, in a football game, Taylor has the advantage of being able to blindside receivers on a regular basis and lay down some devasting hits. On the other hand, Lavar lays down big hits, but most of the time the other player already knows he is going to get hit. Especially at the strongside linebacker position Lavar doesn't have the benefit of being able to blindside quarterbacks. However, next season I think Lavar will get his opportunity to lay the smack down again when he is moved to strongside linebacker. I suppose if I had to pick I would say that Lavar can probably put the lumber down just a little bit harder.

JWsleep 04-28-2004 12:39 AM

I think they should have a contest this season to straighten this matter out. If they can't settle it this year, they should keep at it for the next ten or so seasons, and see if we can find a winner. ;)

Skins fan 44 04-28-2004 09:58 AM

I asked my self this question who would I least want to be hit by. My answer would be LaVar.

irish 04-28-2004 10:22 AM

LaVar hits hard but that was not much good last year because he was out of position so often there was nobody there to hit.

OaklandSkinz 04-28-2004 05:14 PM

Come on Man!!! Next Question.... LaVar , "Hands Down"!!

Daseal 04-28-2004 06:04 PM

Well, LaVar hit's harder, however Taylor will get much more in the way of chances to hit. He'll get to see the receiver jump into the air for a reception and get to level his ass. I think LaVar actually "hit's harder" but I think Taylor will be feared because he hits (quite hard too) more often.

Phinehas 04-28-2004 06:07 PM

LaVar. I love watching the way he literally launches himself into tackles. His feet leave the ground and he lays full out. It is really a thing of beauty to behold.

If Taylor hits anywhere close to the same as LaVar, then I truly feel sorry for those receivers running across the middle of the field. Ouch!


Daseal 04-28-2004 08:24 PM

Isn't it bad form to launch yourself. ARen't you supposed to use your feet when you hit?

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