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itvnetop 04-27-2004 09:07 PM

Leonard Little issue
what do you guys think should happen to him re: his second DUI.

Driving under the influence is one thing, but to get caught a second time AFTER killing someone the first time (involuntary manslaughter, ha!) is ridiculous. If I was responsible for someone's death, I wouldn't be driving again- Little should have hired a driver.

BrudLee 04-27-2004 09:32 PM

He ought to be suspended for a year, in addition to whatever legal penalties he faces.

If my drinking and driving ended someone's life, it would also end my drinking, permanently. This guy has a serious issue, and it goes a lot deeper than not hiring a driver.

skin4Life28 04-27-2004 09:40 PM

I believe since this is his 2nd after a severe 1st time infraction, (involuntary manslaughter), he will be suspended for a year without pay, and have to say no drivers license for a year. It is a shame that a man with incredible talent can't keep his act together off the field.

Gmanc711 04-27-2004 09:58 PM

If I had ever gotten behind the wheel of a car and killed someone, and had gotten off it like he did, I wouldnt even look at a drink the rest of my life. This guy could have learned from his mistakes, maybe tried to make a difference, do somthing to try to make up for what he did ( although you can never make up killing someone). What does Leanord do? Goes and gets another DUI. Pardon me, but f*ck him. He should spend the rest of his life behind bars as far as I'm concerned. Can you get any dumber? He should be banned from the NFL

Daseal 04-27-2004 10:18 PM

I feel that the penelty for most DUIs are a little overboard. However, toss repeat offenders into jail. Anyone know what he blew? Because a .08 for a guy with his mass probably is like one of us drinking OJ in the morning. Either way, he should be stiffly penelized.

Gmanc711 04-27-2004 10:44 PM

I agree with you Daseal. I mean theres some people that just have one too many, and make a legitmate honest mistake and get absolutley blasted for it. HOWEVER, I dont really care if this guy blew a .08 or a .18 , the fact of the matter is he is retarded for doing what he did a second time. I dont really know what he was when he killed the woman, but I would like to know if it was a honest mistake type of thing for him to drive, or if it was just a downright dumb move.

MTK 04-27-2004 10:47 PM

In Little's case, he shouldn't even look at a drink and then get behind the wheel after what he's been through.

SmootSmack 04-27-2004 11:00 PM

Well this is a bit of a sensitive issue for me because one of my best friends just started a 15 year sentence for vehicular homicide. He did what I'm sure many of us have done. He had a few drinks, figured home was close enough and got behind the wheel. Unfortunately he killed someone.

He regrets it and feels he has to serve time as penance but no matter how many years he serves he can't bring back the victim's life. What he can do is never touch another drink and then drive again. And I hope that when he gets out that's what he does. It's a shame Little didn't see fit to make that choice.

redwagonskins 04-27-2004 11:00 PM

Banned for Life. Period. There is a father out there who can't see his daughter and this guy is racking up millions and apparently could give a f***! It's time for some accountability here.

Daseal 04-27-2004 11:01 PM

Yeah, I couldn't ever forgive myself for killing someone, but what he blows DOES matter. If you blow a .01 by law the can give you a DUI. .01 you don't even feel and has absolutly no affect on your motor skills at all. Especially a man of his size.

Killing someone I can't ever forget, but our country is so strict when it comes to alcohol it's amazing. However, someone in Little's case can easily afford a cab ride home.

redwagonskins 04-27-2004 11:02 PM

This statement is of course in light of the fact that it's his second offense. Obviously mistakes can be made but you have to demonstrate that you will not do it again. Getting busted a second time after such a heinous act is unbelievable.

redwagonskins 04-27-2004 11:03 PM

I agree. What, this guy can't afford a car service? Nobody in his entourage can stay sober?

hi-jinx 04-27-2004 11:29 PM

That kinda reminds me, does any body remember what happened to the Cowboy player who ran down 3 people last year?

sportscurmudgeon 04-27-2004 11:37 PM

First of all, Leonard Little is not yet guilty of his second DWI. Please repeat after me:

Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law...

Now, IF he is found guilty of DWI on this occasion after his previous DWI that resulted in the death of another human being, then he should be banned from the NFL permanently and sentenced to whatever the maximum penalty that the law allows in the jurisdiction where he commited this violation.

Oh, by the way, it does not matter what his blood alchohol level was. If he is convicted of DWI, there will have to be convincing evidence introduced to show that he was over the legal limit in that area.

But, please reserve some measure of "presumption of innocence" at this point.

redwagonskins 04-27-2004 11:42 PM

sportscrumudgeon, it's like you're in tune with Law & Order or something. Ok, you are right, if he is found GUILTY then ban him. it's hard to give the benefit of the doubt to a guy who already killed someone but you are definitely correct.

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