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SKINSnCANES 04-29-2004 04:16 PM

Draft Reaches
By request, the Insider articles on reaches


Editor's Note: ESPN.com draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. takes a round-by-round look at the biggest reaches of the 2004 NFL draft.


Washington's Reggie Williams is a good player but not necessarily a good value at No. 9.
WR Reggie Williams, No. 9 overall, Jacksonville -- This is only a slight reach, but I did grade Williams a bit lower. He is a big receiver and fills a need but the Jaguars could have gotten a much better value by trading down and selecting someone like Lee Evans or Michael Clayton.
OL Vernon Carey, Miami, No. 19 -- The Dolphins felt the need to trade up one spot to get Carey with the 19th overall selection after he had a so-so senior year thanks to injuries. While Miami does need a right tackle it did bring in players through free agency who might be able to help, and there was simply better value at other positions still on the board.
DT Marcus Tubbs, Seattle, No. 23 -- Another instance in which there were better players available at other spots. Tubbs has a lot of physical ability but was inconsistent at Texas and needs to keep his motor running for 60 minutes, and while he is almost guaranteed a starting spot be is still a boom-or-bust kind of prospect.
RB Chris Perry, Cincinnati, No. 26 -- Perry can run, catch and block but is not flashy or dynamic and will split time with starter Rudi Johnson. A little high for a back of that nature, one who looked like a second-rounder at best.
TE Ben Watson, New England, No. 32 -- Watson is smart and athletic, but his production has never been to the level of his physical skills thanks to some nagging injuries over the last couple of seasons.

CB Keiwan Ratliff, Cincinnati, No. 49 overall -- Ratliff is a playmaker who had nine interceptions last season at Florida, but he has just average recovery speed that had him rated in the third round. He will make the team and could be a good player, but mid-second round just seemed a bit high.
OLB Michael Boulware, Seattle, No. 53 -- The Seahawks are going to move Boulware to safety, so the question here is why they didn't just take pure safety instead. Sean Jones of Georgia was still on the board and would have been a better choice than someone who will be asked to switch positions.
WR Darius Watts, Denver, No. 54 -- A gifted athlete, Watts just does not have enough weight or strength on his 6-2 frame. He has also been inconsistent catching the football and was in the fourth-fifth round area on my board.
TE Kris Wilson, Kansas City, No. 61 -- Wilson is a hard worker with a great attitude but his grade was closer to the fourth round than the second. He will be utilized in various ways and will help the offense, but the Chiefs could have used help on defense more than another tight end.

P B.J. Sander, Green Bay, No. 87 overall -- Had a grade equal to a couple other punters in this draft and looked more like a sixth-seventh round possibility. He was consistent at Ohio State and will be the Packers' punter this year, but he does not have an especially impressive leg.
DE Tony Hargrove, St. Louis, No. 91 -- Hargrove had a good sophomore year but sat out his junior season due to academic issues. A roll-of-the-dice pick for a player who has upside but has not been on the field since the 2002 college season.
CB Rich Gardner, Tennessee, No. 92 -- Did not have a great senior year, looking like an early-round pick in some games but more of a late-rounder in others. Failed to meet some expectations and came off the board a little early.
S Guss Scott, New England, No. 95 -- A tough player and good tackler, Scott struggled some in coverage and looked more like a fifth-sixth rounder heading into the draft.

LB Kendyll Pope, Indianapolis, No. 107 overall -- Fits the Colts' scheme as a weakside linebacker, but his performances were just okay last season at Florida State and Pope seemed to be the kind of good college player who does not always project to the pros. Ranked as more of a late-round possibility.
TE Tim Euhus, Buffalo, No. 109 -- Euhus is a good pass-catcher but does not have a lot of speed and is a liability as a blocker.
LB Leon Joe, Chicago, No. 112 -- Joe can run and is the kind of linebacker Lovie Smith is looking for, but he gets caught up in traffic at times and was not necessarily the player some thought he could be at Maryland.
S Dexter Reid, New England, No. 113 -- Had an excellent career at North Carolina but did not take his game to the next level as a senior, and he projects more as a good special teams player.
CB Bruce Thornton, Dallas, No. 121 -- A running back-turned-corner, Thornton is a decent defensive back and is still a little raw at the position. Projected into the later rounds.
CB Michael Waddell, Tennessee, No. 124 -- Ran a 4.36-second 40 at the combine to get himself this high, but despite that speed Waddell was not productive at North Carolina and did not play to the level of his talent. Graded out as a late-rounder or free agent.
CB Jason David, Indianapolis, No. 125 -- Was a productive corner at Washington State but is not real big or real fast. He showed average to mediocre recovery speed and is a questionable pick this high.


QB Jammal Lord, Houston, No. 175 overall -- A collegiate quarterback without the arm to play the position in the NFL, Lord will be switched to another position. The Texans will hope he carves out a niche at running back, wide receiver or safety, and the sixth round is a little high for someone without off-the-wall physical ability who looked like more of a priority free agent.


MTK 04-29-2004 04:28 PM

Miami trading up one spot was a head scratching move.

SKINSnCANES 04-29-2004 04:40 PM

well right before that the Eagles traded up to get the guy they wanted, and wondering if the Dolphins gave up somethign to switch with the VIkings, or if the Vikings gave up sonething to move down so they would have more time.

Carnage 04-29-2004 08:05 PM

I think Cary is a great fit there. Chris Perry was a reach. Also No mention of Lossman?

skinsfanthru&thru 04-29-2004 08:48 PM

[QUOTE=Carnage]I think Cary is a great fit there. Chris Perry was a reach. Also No mention of Lossman?[/QUOTE]

that's probably because he was figured to go somewhere in the 20-30 range and he filled a need for the buffalo's after they get rid of bledsoe next year unless he can save his job. i do kinda see losman as a bit of a reach just on his maturity and character alone but he has an honest to god cannon for an arm and is a very good athlete.

sportscurmudgeon 04-30-2004 11:10 AM

Losman is an interesting case. He is brash and arrogant to the point where he really pisses people off. Maybe unintentionally, but he isn't going to win any "Mr. Congeniality" votes.

Some folks say that he has equivalent skills to the top-three QBs this year (Manning, Rivers and Roethlisberger) but he had a poor supporting cast around him and the team stunk. Other folks say that the team indeed stunk and part of the reason is that Losman pissed off his teammates enuf that they stopped playing as hard as they could.

I have NO IDEA who is right in this debate. But, it will be interesting to see what skills he exhibits in the NFL. And if he pisses off his teammates in the NFL and the OL decides to do a few "stampede plays" on him, we'll have our answer pretty quickly as he gets carted off the field.

offiss 04-30-2004 01:36 PM

[QUOTE=Mattyk72]Miami trading up one spot was a head scratching move.[/QUOTE]

Exactly, I also thought the bill's got really carried away with lossman.

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