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Daseal 05-02-2004 09:55 AM

Joe Crisp Owns!

Where else gets an exclusive Ade Jimoh interview!! AWESOME!

joecrisp 05-02-2004 11:45 AM

Thanks, Daseal!

Ade is a super-nice guy, and I really enjoyed meeting him and talking with him. He seemed genuinely excited about the idea of checking out the website and dropping us a line once in a while. He was jacked to find out there's a guy who actually has the screenname "Ade Jimoh Fanclub" on our website. I'll try to stay in touch with him and remind him to pay us a visit.

JWsleep 05-02-2004 12:39 PM

Yeah, that was awesome! Ade sounds like a good guy, and very realistic and positive.

cpayne5 05-02-2004 04:12 PM

That's hilarious.
Ade, are you out there...?

Dave Butz Baby! 05-02-2004 05:24 PM

That was very cool.. Ade sounds like a very smart, humble kid who is going to work hard. I'm rooting like hell for him!

Gmanc711 05-02-2004 05:32 PM

Good job joe. I too, am rooting for Ade. Maybe if Ade makes it bigtime, he can buy out a section in the stands for us warpathers.

joecrisp 05-03-2004 01:14 AM

[QUOTE=offiss]Joe I really love the job you do, and the dedication, I know it's not easy devoting a weekend to give us a real insight behind the seen's, My question is, how did cooley look to you, I was able to see 1 highlight reel when he was drafted and was kind of surprised at how good he looked, his running style reminded me a little of the old 49er's TE brent jones, but his agility and ability to go after the ball was shockey like, what did you see up front and personel?[/QUOTE]
Thanks so much, offiss. Believe me, it's worth every minute of the weekend to get these reports to you guys. Of course, my wife might think otherwise, bless her heart. If you want to thank someone, thank her-- her screenname is 'gibbsgirl', I think.

I think your comparison of Cooley and Jones is pretty accurate as far as their mobility goes. Jones was a very nimble guy for a tight end, and was always able to weave his way through the crowd and find the opening in the zone. Cooley has the same kind of dexterity and fluidity of motion. But Cooley is also a lot bigger than Jones in terms of mass, which makes that fluidity both surprising and deceptive. They're about the same height (Jones 6'4, Cooley 6'3), but Jones weighed in at a trim 230 lbs, whereas Cooley brings a beefy 265 lb load with his blocks and runs after the catch. It's that combination of blocking prowess, mobility and bruising power as a receiver that make him ideal for the H-back position.

As far as Shockey goes, I don't know if Cooley has that kind of playmaking ability-- we won't know that until the pads are on-- but I will guarantee you this: you'll never see Cooley making a fool of himself in the spotlight. This kid is a Gibbs-type player through and through; he's humble, unassuming, intelligent and studious. He's that All-American kind of guy that Redskins fans will be proud of-- both for his play and the way he conducts himself.

Joe Bugel was raving about the kid's ability to block and break tackles on the run after the catch-- he's going to be one of Buge's "slobberknocker" guys-- and when Shawn Springs tried unsuccessfully to wrangle Cooley after one catch he made in practice, Springs just started laughing, yelling, "God, this guy's big!"

JWsleep 05-03-2004 01:32 AM

Once again, a superb job, Joe!

I was especially pleased to start hearing about Springs. His acquisition has been over-shadowed by things of late, but he is a very important piece to the defensive puzzle. How did he look to you? Does he seem healthy?

Any update on Noble?


joecrisp 05-03-2004 02:02 AM

[QUOTE=JWsleep]Once again, a superb job, Joe!

I was especially pleased to start hearing about Springs. His acquisition has been over-shadowed by things of late, but he is a very important piece to the defensive puzzle. How did he look to you? Does he seem healthy?

Any update on Noble?

Thanks![/QUOTE]Thanks, JW. Springs' return to practice was pretty quiet. I don't see any problems with his movement all. I think he's kind of easing himself back into the groove, and not trying to overdo it. He's still got to get his legs back, as far as conditioning goes, but he'll probably be going full-tilt by the time the next minicamp rolls around. I'd expect to see more out of him then. He seems really happy to be a Redskin, though, and is fitting in very well with his teammates. He's a very personable guy.

Noble is still walking a little gingerly on that surgically repaired knee, and has a very slight limp. But that's pretty amazing, considering how completely destroyed that knee was. He's very optimistic about his recovery, and expects to be ready to go full-speed by training camp.

backrow 05-03-2004 09:27 AM

Great Job Joe!
From that interview, and his reaction, you would never guess that Ade Jimoh is really the man behind the Ade Jimoh Fan Club poster here! Great interview, and a great bit of acting on his part! With five or six spots available at the DB position, he may have a place yet!

I wonder who the two guys were that HOF Coach Gibbs seemed really impressed with? I hope they were at DE/DT!

Luxorreb 05-04-2004 07:13 AM

I don't post much. But I read THE WARPATH every day. You've done an excellent job reporting and giving us incredible sound bytes. You're coverage is much better than that of the Washington Post and Richmond TimesDispatch. Maybe it's because of editors... Thank you so much for your time spent and sharing with all of us. I did get season ticks this year in the LL and still wondering when Crisp is gonna come down to Sticky Rice have some sushi while I play Redskins SB victories on the 8'x8' screen!?!?! Thanks and hope to meet ya soon!
-Luxorreb :cool-smil

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