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MTK 05-05-2004 10:49 PM

what is this world coming to?!

skinsfanthru&thru 05-06-2004 01:27 AM

as long as it's not stuff actually sprayed onto the outfield or player's doing promotions during the game, i'm not really all that upset about this. of course that's probably not too far away. i hate the changing ads behind homeplate more than this cuz u can't really see the ads on the bases unless your standing like 2-3 feet from them. i couldn't even really see it when they showed a picture of it on pti. it just looked like a red square.

Skins fan 44 05-06-2004 12:37 PM

Well I am sure you will hear baseball, football or basketball etc players thinking their sponsers like race teams do. Give it time. Almost suprised it has not happened yet.

Carnage 05-06-2004 02:37 PM

Baseball is a sham. I love the game but HATE the league.

SmootSmack 05-07-2004 12:30 AM


This doesn't surprise me at all. Surprised it happened so early actually. I thought it might go on for a few more days then be dropped. I wasn't offended by it but from a business standpoint, I just didn't know how effective it would be. Already the Yankees had said they would do it only for one day...max. It seemed like one of those events where they hype would be bigger than the "event" itself. I'm sure the marketing people behind Spider-Man 2 were aware of the controversy this might cause and expected to get most of their marketing for the movie through all the debate about the advertising.

MTK 05-07-2004 08:28 AM

I heard this morning MLB has decided to pull the plug on this brilliant idea due to backlash from the fans.

Why not just go the whole mile and have the teams dress up like spiderman for a game, LOL

JoeRedskin 05-07-2004 08:29 AM

What gets me is not that MLB would blatantly tarnish its "America's Game" image for cash but that MLB would do it so cheaply. 3.6 million? Hell, can't even get a lefty with a losing record for that. Talk about your desparate 'ho.

BrudLee 05-07-2004 10:01 AM

So, now baseball has advertised this movie for ... nothing. Spiderman is on every sports-talk show and sports page in the country, and MLB sees nothing for it.

I loved Selig's comments that he's a traditionalist and wouldn't allow it. It must have crossed his desk at some point to get as far as it did.

jsarno 05-13-2004 11:59 AM

[QUOTE=JoeRedskin]What gets me is not that MLB would blatantly tarnish its "America's Game" image for cash but that MLB would do it so cheaply. 3.6 million? Hell, can't even get a lefty with a losing record for that. Talk about your desparate 'ho.[/QUOTE]

I am surprised at that amount as well...but nothing surprises me anymore with MLB. The players union is almost single handedly destroying the game, and of course the owners are letting them. Baseball used to be a game of pride and dignity (well the "game" still is, but MLB is not). How can any sports oriented league not see the need for testing for performance enhancing drugs? Of course the union won't allow it, but if they didn't like it, go get scabs. The game is bigger than those damn primadonnas that are on the field now. When everyone said the ball was juiced, I said the players were juiced, now no one is saying anything about juiced baseballs, it's all about Balco! Maybe we should boycott every game until our (the fans)demands are met. Such as, reasonable salaries, not a player getting 25 million a year to play a freakin game 6 months out of the year. No one should make mroe than say 5 or 6 mil. No less than 500k. A salary cap so the same damn teams don't win every year (ie Yankees). A reasonable fee to go to a game. If I took a family of 4, it would cost $200 just for tickets unless I sat in the crap seats. Then it's $4 for a hot dog, another $4 for a coke...multiply that by 4 and that's $32 and you're still have a hungry clan on your hands. Then there is of course the $20 for parking. After souveniers etc, it's well over $300 for a family. That's retarded. Of course most of that is due to extremely high wages of players who say without the fan they are nothing, but really don't care at all about us, just their paycheck.
(wow that was a longer rant than anticipated...hehe)

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