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fevola 03-27-2006 11:46 PM

AFL starts this week (Australian Rules)
For those interested in Australian rules football, it starts this week..HOORAY.
For those wanting a side to follow, here is a quick rundown of each side and whic NFL team they are similar to.

Carlton (my team) -(Redskins) most succesful team in the AFL with 16 titles. Struggled the last 3 years due to salary cap infringements. Hated by the media due to their previous administration using their wealth to buy the best players. Team that spoke out against the salary cap being introduced

Collingwood - (Dallas) Carltons most feared rival. Loved by the media. Overated and always picked to finish near the top, which of late has been very rare.

Adelaide - (Steelers) Hard working side that is always near the top of the pile. Also Adelaide is full of hicks (thats how i picture Pittsburgh to be like)

Brisbane - (Patriots) Won 3 titles in a row from 2001-2003 before stumbling at the 4th. Their leader is admired by all, especially the media.

Essendon - (49ers) Very strong team from the 80s and 90s who had a bit of a stumble last year. Rebuilding.

Fremantle - (Seattle) Strong financially. Very soft on the field

Geelong - (Buffalo) Lost title games in 1989,1992, 1994 & 1995.Need i say more.

Hawthorn - (CLeveland) Succesful thru the 70s & 80s. Absolutley sucked since. Were kicked out of their home ground, only to go back this year. Wear Brown on their uniform

Kangaroos - (Green Bay) Unfashionable side who somehow win championships with the smallest budget. Also have the smallest fan base. Won 2 championships in the 90's due to 1 player, Wayne CArey.

Melbourne - (Chicago) Unfashionable side who from time to time excite, but rarely win anything

Port Adelaide- (St Louis) Former champion side which is quickly getting worse with an ageing list

Richmond ( Philadelphia) The worst supporters in the AFL. Continously talk their team up. Never wins anything of significance

St Kilda - (indianapolis) Every year is the year that they will win it all. Every year they stumble despite having the best list.

Sydney - (Baltimore) The current champs who somehow won by playing terrible football. It was so bad the AFL commissioner made the call during the year that they play "UGLY". Ugly or not, their defense won them the title.

West Coast - Giants - very good offensively and also inflicted 2 losses to Geelong (Buffalo) in championship games in the 1990's

Western Bulldogs - Cincinatti - everyones 2nd favorite team who play an exciting brand of football, but rarely win anything.

So there you go. a quick run down of all the teams

That Guy 03-28-2006 01:14 AM

Re: AFL starts this week (Australian Rules)
side = team
list = roster

cool, anyone know offhand hw many of these are some stateside and which channels they're on? I assume CSN will pull a couple. I doubt we'll have much choice over the matchups.

and the steelers have a blue-collar fanbase (miners, factory workers etc), not so much hicks, that's more in the south and back woods (like carolina or montana).

BDBohnzie 03-28-2006 09:26 AM

Re: AFL starts this week (Australian Rules)
locally, MHz I think has a weekly game (check your cable lineup, i know Comcast here in MoCo, it's channel 96 or 98)

That Guy 03-28-2006 04:16 PM

Re: AFL starts this week (Australian Rules)
cool, thanks for the heads up.

they redid the site:

Airs: Saturdays at 8PM on MHz
Broadcast in: English

MHz is the home of Aussie Rules Football here in the Washington, DC area. For the past seven years, MHz has been the only broadcast station bringing you this exciting sport from down under.

AFL "Match of the Week"
Western Bulldogs vs. Richmond
Saturday, April 8 at 8PM on MHz

Related Link: [url]http://afl.com.au/[/url]

also here's a listing of what channel MHZ/MHZ2 are on in your area:

MHZ is one of the largest indy TV stations, they show a lot of foreign detective shows and (at one point) sshowed a lot of local music stuff, though I haven't seen it in a while.

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